Cruise Ship Activities for Teenagers

The most common dilemma encountered when planning a family vacation is finding activities that can be enjoyed by all members, parents and children alike. Most of the time, young children are the primary consideration. They want activities that require mostly playing. For parents, this can be tolerated and sometimes even enjoyed. However, selecting an itinerary can be more difficult if teenagers are involved. If you want to spend vacation time with your teenage children, you may want to consider a family vacation aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise ships have different offerings for clients who want to go on a vacation to just relax and unwind. Since there are many families who take a vacation every year, you can always find a cruise ship that specifically caters to families. With regard to activities suitable for teenagers, information is available on the websites of cruise lines. You may browse the Internet to see what activities cruise ships offer to entertain your teenage child.

Usually, there are common cruise ship activities for teenagers such as swimming. Cruise ships have adult-size swimming pools that are equipped with safety facilities. There are also lifeguards on duty in case you are worried about your teenagers’ safety. You can always enjoy other activities for adults onboard while leaving your teenagers immersed in the pool. Teenagers may enjoy not only swimming but perhaps just relaxing by the poolside. Lap pools or wave pools are also available in some cruise ships.

Another activity that teenagers can enjoy is playing arcade games. If you think that arcade rooms are for children only, you are certainly wrong. There are games that target teenagers. Some of which include fighting games, air hockey, as well as other interactive sports games. Just like arcades back home, cruise ship arcade games usually require coins and tokens for you to be able to play. For parents, you must give your teenagers just enough money so that they can enjoy playing games, even if you don’t accompany them.

Watching movies in onboard theaters is another option for teenagers. In the first place, movies are enjoyed by many if not all teenagers. Usually, movie theaters aboard cruise ships play popular movies throughout the day. In some instances, they even have a schedule of movies that will be played. Moreover, state-of-the-art movie theaters are now offered aboard some cruise ships.

Aside from the activities mentioned above, there are other options that teenagers can enjoy, depending on the cruise ship of your choice. These may include surfing, rock climbing, or even ice skating.

The Royal Caribbean International is one of the few cruise lines that offer onboard ice skating. The most popular cruise ship under this cruise line with ice skating rinks is Adventure of the Seas. Recently, they also developed the Flowrider, which simulates surfing waves. This can be found aboard one of their ships, Freedom of the Seas. They also offer skating shows regularly.

With all of these attractions, taking a vacation aboard a cruise ship can be enjoyable for the whole family.


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