Cruise Vacation Tips for Senior Citizens


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Senior citizens are often stereotyped as being weak and not fit for vacation or travel. This is not always true for all elderly. In fact, most of them dream of going on a vacation, a chance to travel which they truly deserve. In fact, they may have spent most of their lives working hard so they really deserve to relax. Also, this can be a good way to cope with the many physical and even emotional issues that senior citizens face.

Speaking of vacation and fun, you might want to consider treating your seniors aboard a cruise ship. This may seem unsafe for some but in fact, many senior citizens have tried spending their vacation on a cruise. Safety and health concerns may hinder some elderly but these shouldn’t stop them from boarding a cruise because they can take precautionary measures.

For seniors traveling on a cruise ship, it’s always encouraged to first seek a physician’s clearance for travel. This way, the doctor can determine if they are fit to travel or if they have to take some medications before or while onboard.

Once decided, the first thing to do is to find the appropriate cruise line. A tip is to consider a ship that offers extra services that can be beneficial if you have to accompany a senior citizen. Examples of cruise ships that offer these services are Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Princess Cruises. At present, there aren’t many cruise ships that specifically target senior citizens but there are those which offer onboard activities that seniors might find enjoyable, relaxing, and worth the travel.

Asking senior citizens what they expect or what they want to do aboard a cruise ship can help a lot when selecting a cruise ship. Some seniors usually want to spend time in dining places. You can always search for a family-oriented ship that caters to all age groups. Others enjoy dancing so you should search for ships with dancing halls. Most of the time, dancing halls have experienced and well-trained dance instructors who can accompany elders when they dance. The good news is that most cruise ships offer such services for free.

Lastly, keep in mind that in most instances, senior citizens are given discounted rates. So when you book your reservations, make sure to ask for travel discounts. Some of these discounts are offered by membership clubs too. Ask for other discounts you can avail on top of the discount for senior citizens. You may never find out unless you ask. Discounts are especially helpful to people on a tight budget.

There is no age limit aboard a cruise ship. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the fun that one can experience when cruising. This is the reason why cruise lines offer different services that cater to the needs of travelers regardless of their age.


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