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Crushing moment of crisis will occur

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  • Published 04/11/2011
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In addition, the use of eye contact also expressed respect for others. If you make a report at the meeting, although you do very seriously, but when you looked up to find favor in the eyes, we found no response to your eyes, you can only say that we are dreaming, then how would you feel at this time it? Will certainly be lost, I feel we did not get the recognition and respect Cocktail Dresses that we all care about you. By the same token, if you change for someone else to speak, and your own eyes displaced, then the others will still feel good, like you said harsh words to others, achieved the same result. Language can express the idea of ??people eyes, can also convey the inner thoughts. Follow other people’s eyes, they will not go God. Because that is going on an exchange, so you do not mind doing something else other.

Language can communicate, but not the only way you can communicate with eyes, or even play a more important role than language. In the language barrier when the eye contact to become a tool for exchange of ideas. The film “Purple Day” in the full application of the eye to the exchange. Three heroes from different countries because of the language barrier, but even can not use language, they eventually reached with the look

and language of communication to communicate the same purpose.When the autumn leaves with her classmates, was found in the hut, eyes full of panic, but also tears. Students committed suicide, her eyes in addition to panic, and more may be fear and anger. When Yang Yufu autumn leaves that the Japanese thought of his mother brutally murdered by the Japanese, it stared at her intently, hatred is like a razor projection away from the eyes, to kill the autumn leaves. When the crisp sound of music boxes stalemate toned down the original post, Yang Yufu eyes look full of sympathy, when he and Najia on as of the moment, Najia seemed to have understood what he meant, then stop the companion kill the autumn leaves.When they are out of the minefield, the Najia’s eyes told Yang Yufu kill the autumn leaves. When Yang Yufu walk holding the knife towards autumn midnight, the young leaves of autumn eyes showing fear and begging, so Yang Yufu hesitated, thinking of all the activities are reflected in the eyes. Results of Yang Yufu just cut the rope tied to his, at which point the eyes of autumn leaves more of a trust.Finally, in Daxing’anling fire, crushing moment of crisis will occur, autumn leaves in the eyes with a confident hope you believe in yourself, ordinary people with an adventurous approach that saved everyone.



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