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Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund Calendar Review Blame Lead Fast

The other day I Instagram-harassed Mike from Lead Fast about posting a picture of his score book from the Cubs post season run last year that he did using one of my favorite pencils, the Blackwing Vol. 56.  He was happy to do so (or at least eager to shut me up) and I wanted to return the favor since he later shared on Twitter that he was going to be really disappointed if I didn’t do a review of the Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund 18 Month Calendar (via Amazon – for the 2018 version), and I couldn’t let a fellow blogger down like that, so here we are.

If you don’t review the Crusoe calendar, I’m gonna be disappointed…

— Lead Fast (@leadfastdotorg) July 21, 2017

Here is the awesome picture that Mike From Lead Fast shared for me, as well as the corresponding tweet about this calendar.

So first of all, Crusoe’s calendar definitely hits the typical “hot dog” pun out of the park like with this collage of Crusoe dressed up like a “wiener” with some condiments.  Again, keep in mind that these are pictures from the 2017 calendar, but I suspect the 2018 version will serve up some great puns like this as well.

The Crusoe calendar has a nice visual way of calling out holidays, such as in this case where you see for Mother’s Day, he is chilling with someone that I assume is his owner/mother, or someone’s mother…I guess?  But honestly, I like the image blocking out the whole day, it makes holidays easy to pick up at a quick glance.

Day’s of the week across the top aren’t your standard Sunday-Saturday labels.  The Crusoe Calendar takes some liberties with the naming conventions but they are more fun and pretty clear nonetheless.  Also, check it out, October 28th is Crusoe’s birthday, pretty close to Halloween, it explains his penchant for all of these costumes!

Here is a quick picture of the back of the Crusoe Calendar to show all of the monthly pictures you get of this cute little guy.  This guy is pretty cool, hes on a yacht, rocks a bow tie, knows how to cook and apparently fly a plane too!

Lastly, if this Crusoe Calendar doesn’t quench your thirst for this little guy, they offer up a QR code on the back of the calendar (you can scan it in the picture above too) that links you to lots of Crusoe videos too.  Anyway, there you have it Lead Fast, its your official Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund  Calendar review, hope you enjoyed!  Don’t forget to grab one over on Amazon.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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