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Csa helps calculate fair amount of child support

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 05/18/2011
  • Article Writing

Why CSA was formed? If a couple going through divorce happens to have a child, it becomes important for the attorney to handle the case with a completely different frame of mind as the future and development of the child completely depends on it. To ensure that each and every child gets his rights every country has some laws that speak for the betterment of the child, so that he is not deprived of any of his rights as a child. Experts believe that both the parents share equal responsibility in the upbringing of the child, even after they have had a divorce. As after divorce both the parents do not live together, the child has to live with one of them and while the other parent is supposed to pay a fixed amount termed as alimony to support the daily needs of the child. But how much amount the non-resident parent should pay has always been a million dollar question. In order to bring solution to this problem the government has proposed Child Support Agency (CSA).

Importance of CSA in Today’s Time

CSA plays an important role in determining the amount that a non-resident parent should pay as alimony. The amount should be such that the parent is comfortable paying it and is also sufficient to match the daily needs of the child. Most of the time, it has been

noticed that the non-resident parent either pays too less or too much of child support. This is largely due to the negligence of their rights. This is where CSA plays an important role, it helps you what your rights are and also makes sure that you pay just the right amount in alimony, not too less and not too much. The main aim of CSA is to calculate the right amount for child support, so that the basic needs of the child like school, clothing, food and entertainment are well taken care of.

Other Functions of CSA

In addition, CSA also suggests some effective ways that the non-resident parent can make use of in order to lower the child support payments. For instance, they will make sure that you keep a record of all of the child support payments along with any additional money you may give your child. If you have had a salary cut, these agencies work hard for you to get necessary arrangements in lowering the child support payments. They file a form for support modification. If the court sees fit to lower your payment this can go back till the date you filed for the modification. Child support agencies were designed to help people and it has been doing its job in a dignified and professional manner.

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