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Cuaderno Notebook by Notebooks and Journals

To be honest, I’m not sure why I even ordered this notebook, I should have known better.  I generally don’t like notebooks with card stock covers, and this Cuaderno Notebook by Notebooks and Journals (kind of redundant) definitely has one.  It also has a giant ugly band across the cover thats printed right on it, which I thought was just a removable slip like many other notebooks.  You can waste some money on one of these on Amazon right here if you so wish.

If you like the ugly distracting label on the front, you are in luck because it extends onto the back too!  In addition to that, they also cluttered it up with a permanently printed UPC code too.  Inside, the horrible cover hides 100 pages of white unruled paper that we will take a slightly closer look at below.  Oh, and if it matters, this is an A5 size notebook, not that you should buy one of them though, so don’t do it!

Cuaderno Notebook Writing Sample:

If the visual atrocity of the Cuaderno Notebook didn’t scare you off, maybe the inside of it will when you write in it.  Fountain pens actually feel great writing on the paper. They glide over the surface with no tooth at all, but thats where the positive notes stop.  I found that any ink I used spread on the paper in this notebook when it hit the page, making for wider than anticipated lines.  There was also quite a bit of feathering with my fountain pen.  On the back of the page, show-through with any of the pens yielded a distracting visual of all my writing on the front of the page.  All in all, these notebooks should be a no-go for anyone who has even the lowest of standards for a “nice” notebook.

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