Cures for Prostate Cancer


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Men can and often do fight prostate cancer with complete success. As with any type of cancer, there is no guarantee that a treatment method will be a cure. However, there are many treatments and techniques that can cure cancer or help a man to enter into remission. Some cures for prostrate cancer are less invasive than others.

Some men try natural treatments and medications to help fight prostate cancer. It is important to keep in mind that conventional medicine should be used as well. Men who are interested in using alternative treatments for prostrate cancer should search for a doctor or hospital that accepts and encourages the use of alternative medications in conjunction with traditional treatments.

Massage therapy and acupuncture can help to sooth the discomfort of cancer. Some alternative treatment practitioners believe that these and other non-conventional treatments can help to slow down the spread of cancer. A well balanced diet and even dietary supplements are used by many men who are working to beat prostate cancer. Any number of vitamins and minerals can be used to help treat cancers of any type including prostate cancer.

Many doctors even believe that lower levels of stress and a more active lifestyle can help to reduce the impact of slow developing prostrate cancer. A man can start to live a healthier lifestyle if he has been overweight, has diabetes or high cholesterol. Positive results can be gained from a healthy lifestyle during and after combating cancer. It is important to get health and stay healthy in order to reduce risk factors for the return of cancer.

Of course, one of the most common treatment methods for cancer is a prostatectomy. This is a form of surgery in which a man’s prostrate is removed. This can often be used to help prevent the spread of cancer outside of the prostrate. There are other forms of surgery used as well to remove cancer from a man’s prostrate and surrounding areas. In many cases, surgery is a successful way to cure the prostrate cancer.

Cryosurgery is used by some physicians to treat prostrate cancer. This is a method of using nitrogen to freeze affected areas. The treatment will kill off cells. It is the hope of physicians using this treatment that cryosurgery will kill off the cancerous cells and that only healthy, new cells will grow back.

Some men need radiation and not surgery or in addition to surgery in order to treat their prostrate cancer. The radiation will kill cells in the prostrate and other areas. Again, a man’s cancer treatment team hopes that only healthy cells come back in the place of the cancerous cells.

Hormone treatment might also be used for a man with prostrate cancer. The treatments will sometimes slow down the production of testosterone in a man’s body. Testosterone can add to the production of cancerous cells in a man’s body. The hormone treatment is used as a method to help slow down or even stop the cancer from spreading.


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