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Custom Journals from Brandbook


Brandbook Custom Notebooks

I usually don’t like to do reviews for products that the every day consumer cant pick up on their own, but these custom made journals and notebooks from Brandbook looked really cool, so when they reached out to me to take a look at them I couldn’t resist the opportunity.  The two notebooks pictured above are just samples of the many different styles they have, but just reading though their page on options and features tells you that they really put a lot of thought into making some really fantastic journals.


Brandbook Binding Up Close

Everything from the binding (see photo above) to the sturdy and tight elastic closure straps add to an overall feel of quality and attention to detail that goes into these journals and notebooks.  The red notebook that you see on the bottom opened flat the easiest, while the others were a little more stiff.


Brandbook Edges and Elastic Straps

This quick close up shows the elastic straps and the nice contrast of the black on pink and white on red colors of the covers and the edges of each page.  The strap on the black covered notebook is definitely the strongest, although the other one is still fairly strong.  Both of them have a nice thick feel and give the impression that they wont become loose and flimsy over time.


Embossed Bookcloth Cover with Customized Logo

The next photo above shows a close up of the customized logo that is embossed on the bookcloth cover of the red notebook.  Also on the black notebook on top you can see a slightly glossy star-burst logo.  These covers though are just a scratch on the surface of some of the cool and unique notebooks that they produce, if you check out this page on their site, you will see some of their other really interesting samples such as their:

-waterproof notebook

-aluminum cover notebook

-chalk board cover notebook

-3-D cover designs

-Unique Pen Holder Notebooks


Writing Sample in the Brandbook Black Cover Notebook

My first writing sample in the black covered notebook above went very well using my M215 Fountain Pen.  The EF nib moved over the paper very smoothly, and the ink did not feather, bleed, or spread.


Writing Sample Show Through

There is a little bit of show through on the back page of the same writing sample.  It isnt too bad, but because I wrote this with a fine size nib and a lighter color ink, you could possibly get different results with a wider nib and darker ink.  I did also do a writing sample with the other red notebook that you see here, but the results were just about the same, but with a little less show through on the back of the page.

Like I said from the start, these notebooks and journals are really not something you would pick up at your local stationery store, but if you are in the market for some custom notebooks, or even just want to look at a bunch of cool notebooks, their site is definitely worth checking out.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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