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Cutest louis vuitton key holders bb sacs

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 04/15/2011
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They may not be as eye-catching as the bags in the Louis Vuitton catalogue, and they are not the most attractive ones coming from the fashion house. They seem to be kind of trivial next to the gorgeous bags of this brand, but they are the most adorable and lovely items from Louis Vuitton. Few women would hesitate to get some of them if they want them. They can be the cutest thing they’ve ever seen from Louis Vuitton in the longest time, a must-have piece of the season – the Louis Vuitton key holders.

They are actually versatile items. You can apply them as key holders, or handbag charms. No matter which way, it’s super cute, and they can accent the beauty of your bag, decorate your keys, even light up your whole outfit. Thi

s BB sacs series is available in three styles, Louis Vuittion Alma, Noe and Speedy, among which, I personally love the BB Alma the most.The BB sacs series look just similar to the bags. They are also of monogram pattern, representing the iconic Louis Vuitton bags. They are the first bag charms in monogram canvas, and cover a large portion of the market since it’s been released.I always believe there lives a little girl in every woman’s heart, no matter how cool or how tough the lady seems to be, and the little girl loves these cute items. These accessories have attractive colors and emphasize their name by writing them in golden leather on the front of the bag charms. All in all, they will be something you can not miss, as fantastic and special accessories.



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