CuttingEdge Photoshop Elements 7.0 with EasyToUse Features


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software 
Published on 02-01-2009

There are very few photo editing programs that meet the needs of beginners and advance users alike. A perfect example is Photoshop Elements 7.

Need to quickly perform colour correction for your images? Want to easily set right overexposure problems? Beginners will find it a breeze to accomplish these tasks with Elements’ Quick Fix. Quick Fix is the mode you’ll feel comfortable working in especially if you’re someone who has very limited experience in using photo editing software.

You can easily transform dull skies into a vibrant blue you usually see over a tropical paradise. A smile doesn’t look that good with yellowish teeth? No problem. Whiten it a little with the tool specially designed for that. The smart selection feature and a special brush will take care of that for you.

Elements also doubles as a photo organizer. If you have been looking long and hard for an application to organize and manage your large image collection, you may have come to the correct place. You can caption your pictures, create tags and even albums according to subject matter. There is a text search box for you to locate a specific collection of images by keyword, especially if you have a gigantic collection.

One notable feature is the Photomerge Scene Cleaner. You can use this feature to rescue images which have distracting details in them. Take for instance you take two shots of someone with the same background. Say in the first image there’s a distracting detail on the left and in the second image a similar detail on the right.

With the help of the Screen Cleaner, you can remove the distracting detail and transfer the clean background from other image and vice versa. You now get to create a totally new image by merging the two usable backgrounds. If you think this process may be a little tricky for you, put your fears to rest. All you have to do is work in the Guided Edit mode and you will be shown the necessary steps to achieve this effect.

If you have prior experience with Photoshop you can work in the Full mode. Here you get to work with the layers. In this mode you can witness the full functionality of the Smart Brush tool.

Wondering about the effects available? Well, you can create antique contrast and apply monochrome toning effects to you images. There’s also the greenery effect to add more life to dull leaves or bushes, among others.

The built-in filters themselves will allow you to create illustrations from images resembling those produced by a skilled artist. If you want more versatile filters, you can always download them from the developer’s website or plug-ins from third party developers.

Whether you looking to rev up your website with some eye-catching headers or add graphic depth to a newsletter, Elements can do the job for you satisfactorily.


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