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Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner Putty Review


Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner

Keeping a clean keyboard can be difficult, I often find myself shaking mine out upside down, and I even keep a paintbrush in my pencil case to continually dust out between the keys.  Because I have never been completely satisfied with canned air keyboard cleaner products, I kept my eye out for other solutions.  I’ve seen Cyber Clean  keyboard cleaner (pack of two via Amazon )  around for a while now so I figured I should give it a shot to see how well it works at keeping my keyboard cleaner and free from getting filled with dust and debris.


Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner in Woody’s Hand

Cyber Clean is basically a gel-like substance that kind of reminds me of hardened jello, but a bit more firm.  As you can see in the photo above, just after removing it from the can, it still retains its cylindrical shape, but it will slowly conform to the shape of whatever it is placed on or in.  This cleaning compound is safe to use on all of your electronics, and gets in all of those hard to reach spaces without leaving behind any residue.  The product has a slight chemical smell, but also has a slightly citrus smell too.


Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner Indicator

The back side of the Cyber Clean canister has a small notch cut out on the right side there that helps you to see when your Cyber Clean has hit its maximum usage.  In my brand new canister, you can see that the keyboard cleaner has its original bright lemony yellow color, but just below that cut out notch on the label, you can see the brownish green color that it will eventually turn after it has outlived its keyboard cleaning life.  The canister itself is also pretty well constructed, with a rubber ring to keep the moisture sealed in, and a sturdy spring loaded flip-top design.

Keyboard Before Cyber Clean:


Before Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner

So embarrassingly enough, here is a picture of my filthy keyboard that I’ve resisted shaking out or brushing with my paint brush for a while now.  Even without clicking on the picture to enlarge it, you can see how filthy it is.  It is definitely in need some kind of heavy duty keyboard cleaner material, so I was excited to get the Cyber Clean out and put it through its paces.


Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner on Keyboard

This picture makes it look like cat vomit for some reason, but I assure you that this is mostly just due to my limited photography and lighting skills.  This is the hunk of Cyber Clean just sitting there before I mashed it into and around the keys.  I didn’t have to be too forceful with it, I just kind of pressed and prodded it all around the keyboard and could instantly see the crevices between the keys becoming much cleaner.  The process took about 5 minutes or so as I mashed it around, removed it, repositioned it, and repeated.  As all of this keyboard cleaning goodness was going on, I was impressed that there was not one bit of the Cyber Clean left behind, nor did it break apart or rip into pieces, although if you try, it can easily be ripped apart.

Keyboard After Cyber Clean:


After Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner

Now for the “wow” moment, here is the picture of my keyboard after cleaning it with the Cyber Clean.  Now if you click to enlarge both the before and after pictures, you will see a huge difference, but you will notice a few very small and sporadic pieces of dust on the after photo.  My best guess is that the Cyber Clean easily removed about 98% of the dust and filth from my keyboard after only a few minutes and passes over it, so to me the results were very impressive.

If you are looking for a great keyboard cleaner, I would highly recommend giving Cyber Clean (via Amazon) a shot.  In addition to cleaning my desktop computer keyboard, I also later tried it on two laptop keyboards, and it also did a great job cleaning the keyboard on my Blackberry and it looks like it has a ton more keyboard cleaning life left in it too.

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