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Cyber Monday Deals and Sales 2014


Cyber Monday is here and there are plenty of great deals to be had,but here are a few hand picked favorites. Also, don’t forget to check out the Black Friday deals we shared before as many of those are still in play for some time.  As usual, check the details and fine print as these sites/manufacturers can change the deals or terms they are offering at any time.


This is by far the best deal I’ve seen, if you remember Cordies from Quirky, they can now be had for only $1.00…thats a complete steal for this weighted rubberized cord holder that can really make your desk a more organized and productive place.  The Caveat here is that these will cost you a few bucks for shipping, but I did a test run on their shopping cart, if you order one they add $3 for shipping, but if you order 4 they charge you $5.25 for shipping.  This is the kind of thing you probably want more than one of anyway, and at 1 for $4 or 4 for $9.25 you are still getting a great deal.  I use one on my desk and home and work, and another on my nightstand at home.  Also look around on Quirky because there are a few other “hidden” $1 deals that are marked with a yellow and black $1 banner.

anker-charger-20800-7582888Anker Ultra High Capacity 20800 mAh 3 port back up charger via Amazon.  We reviewed the much smaller 15000 mAh capacity charger previously and its amazing, I’ve never come close to needing the full capacity of this, but the even bigger 20800 mAh version could be a life saver if you do lots of traveling or just want to have an emergency back up for your phones and tablets.  I have not seen this around on many other sites as I think its pretty new, but you really cant beat that price from what I’ve seen, and its money well spent for what it delivers.


The Doxie Flip is a small, portable, and very flexible flat bed scanner, and at about $50 less than its usual cost over at Amazon, its a great deal for Cyber Monday.


The Doxie Go is also heavily discounted via Amazon where you can save about $60 on this small rechargable and portable scanner.  Great for documents, receipts, bills, and pictures.


With all of the tablets, phones, and other devices that use a good deal of storage, you might want to check out the Samsung MicroSD cards available at Amazon too since they are up to 50% off.


Amazon also has some great deals on Logitech gear like mice, keyboards and webcams that are staples for your productivity in the office, so check out what they have to offer.

Over at Levenger, they have 30% off your entire order with no minimum, although you will still pay shipping there.  If you have an Amazon prime account, you might be better off hitting the Levenger store on Amazon and getting free shipping depending on the size of your order.

Things are pretty simple over at Poppin where you can get 20% off purchases of $50 or more.  Definitely worth checking out some of their super stylish and great looking office supplies and furniture.

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