Cystic Acne Causes and Symptoms

Cystic acne can effect everyone, but it is more commonly in teenage boys and young men. It is a more severe form of acne, in which papules (pimples with a reddish bump) and cysts (larger bumps that can be inflamed and filled with pus).

Those who suffer from cystic acne risk getting scars, because these breakouts damage and destroy healthy skin. Therefore, someone with cystic acne should at all times keep from picking at the skin and trying to pop cysts. Along with severe acne often come feelings of embarrassment, shame and anger regarding the skin. Some sufferers are afraid to look into mirrors or shy away from social occasions. Cystic acne can hurt the self-esteem and even lead to depression.

To cure cystic acne, a sufferer must take care of prevention first and, as said above, not try to squeeze the cysts. This may make the infection worse, more painful and it will last even longer to cure.

Alas, some of the causes of cystic acne can not be prevented. These include genetics (a person is more likely to develop cystic acne if it runs in the family) and hormones (when going through adolescence the body produces androgens, and these stimulate oil production; the oil can clog pores and these cause acne).

Other, and preventable, causes of cystic acne are overactive oil glands, an excess of dead skin cells within the hair follicles (pores) and a large number of acne-cause bacteria.

Also, cystic acne is not caused by a lack of cleansing, or drinking soda, or eating sweets! Those who suffer from it have done nothing to cause this skin problem.

So, what steps you someone undertake to prevent this severe form of acne?

A first thing is to avoid stress. It has not been scientifically proven, but is it suspected that a certain amount of emotional or physical stress can cause an overproduction of androgens which in their turn produce more oil in the skin. The surplus of oil affects the nearby areas of tissue, and cysts may appear.

You can also avoid to cleanse your skin with harsh cleaner or by washing too often. It is a popular thought that more cleaning of the skin will get it less prone to acne. Alas, the opposite is true. Treating the skin harshly can cause acne breakouts.

Another thing to avoid are greasy cosmetics or any other oily care products. The skin already has enough grease, so don’t clog the pores with greasy care products. Once the pores and oil ducts get clogged, acne may occur.

Pay some attention to your diet. It is also not proven, but some people think there is a correspondence between unhealthy eating habits and acne. (Anyway, eating healthy food can do no wrong!) A food item to avoid is definitely too much refined sugar.

Also certain types of bodily exercise are responsible for cystic acne, because they stimulate the hormones.

And please, always consult a doctor when you feel that acne is greatly affecting the quality of your life! With the right treatment, it can be cured.


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