Danger of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is when adults or teenagers take more than four or five drinks within a very short space of time. This can be as a result of social pressures or in the case of teenagers owing to peer pressure and a need to prove that one is capable of it. Adults tend to become binge drinkers especially when they are attending sports events, when it is quite common for them to order eight beers at a time, to drink during the game which only lasts for a couple of hours.

Binge drinking can lead to a lot of problems like memory lapses, mercurial changes of mood and other effects that can affect your life. It can ultimately lead to alcoholism and hold the person with a vice like grip that makes him almost totally dependent on alcohol to get through each hour of the day. It can cause you to lose friends, who are disgusted with your habit of drinking that makes you all the more moody and angry.

A binge drinker is more likely to take risks, as his perceptions of danger are dulled by the alcohol. And if a binge drinker gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he could be a danger to himself and others. Judgments are severely impaired under the effects of alcohol and such a binge drinker behind the wheel can only become an instrument of death and destruction.

Binge drinking affects a lot of teenagers, mainly because off peer pressure and the necessity that the teenager feels to prove himself in front of his own crowd. It could lead to unsafe sex, due to reduced perceptions, and cause problems during the time to come. Pregnancies, socially transmitted diseases could manifest themselves and make the life of the binge drinker still more uncertain. Alcohol affects teen agers easily, due to their body’s initial resistance to the alcohol, but continued binge drinking by them can lead to their acquiring other health problems with the liver, heart and brains. Binge drinkers also tend to put on weight easily and may end up being obese.

Binge drinking is a social ill. It occurs because the perception of a good time is linked up with alcohol consumption. It can lead to alcohol poisoning and death, caused by the excess of alcohol causing the vital organs to stop functioning and can even stop the heart.

So if you are an occasional binge drinker, make that firm resolution to stop those excessive drinks whatever the pressure. Parents need to counsel their children if they find that they are likely to binge drinkers at parties with their peers. They must at all times be aware of the social habits of their children and the crowd that they move around with, and be ever alert to the fact that their children could binge drink and cause themselves problems and damage to their growing bodies. Curiosity, about the effects of drinks, quite often leads to teens to experiment with drinks and over indulge.

No good can ever come out of binge drinking and the sooner you realize it and the sooner you get your children to realize it can only lead to your leading a safer life.


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