Dangerous Fly Species Found In The United States

Their are at least five species of flies that are dangerous to human beings. These flies are potentially dangerous to us simply because of the nasty diseases they sometimes carry. Though the chances of getting these diseases are fairly remote here in the United States, it is still a possibility. Here are the five species of dangerous flies most commonly encountered:

American Horsefly – The notorious horsefly is no joke when it comes to livestock, and their bite is pretty darn painful for humans as well. They will bite repeatedly in some cases. Most people have been bitten by horseflies while swimming at one point or another if they live east of the Rockies. The horsefly is fairly large as flies go, and have a brownish black thorax. They also have a red or rust colored abdomen.

Black Fly –In spring and early summer, the black fly is out buzzing it’s way up and down the rivers and streams of the east. This stocky fly packs a painful bite and is capable of repeated attacks when active. The body is largely black, and the abdomen appears raised higher than the rest of the body.

Deerfly –The deerfly is as tough as the horsefly, and has just as bad of a reputation. The bite of the deerfly is said to sometimes be worse than the horsefly as far as pain. They are often confused for one another. The deerfly stands out by having a clear yellow and black pattern on the wings. The horsefly’s wings are clear.

Drone Fly –The Drone Fly is one of nature’s nastiest creatures. They are carriers of maggot infestation diseases, and are often found on carrion, and open latrines (outhouses). These nasty buggers are very similar in appearance to the honeybee. They lack the middle waist of the honeybee, however.

Housefly –The common housefly is also rather disgusting as far as what they carry. They hang around on manure, and other nasty areas. These house flies are found all over the world, and they can certainly cause someone a world of problems.


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