Dangers of Sleep Deprivation


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Health
Published on 12-22-2009

Sleep is a natural process that allows the body to heal itself. Sleep deprivation dangers are a major issue in today’s hurry up society. From irritability to falling asleep being the wheel, sleep deprivation symptoms are taking a toll on the health of the world. Without proper rest, the body is unable to heal and regenerate. The dangers of sleep deprivation effect not only the sleep deprived but
everyone around them.

The Caffeine Factor

Beverages containing caffeine are rising in popularity. The dangers of sleep deprivation are compounded with the use of caffeine. Soda pop and coffee have been a factor in sleep deprivation for some time. Now the popularity of higher caffeine energy drinks is rising to epidemic proportions. These drinks keep us awake far past the time when we should be resting. This results in wear and tear on our physical and mental well being.

On the Job

The dangers of sleep deprivation multiply in overworked employees. In today’s economy, jobs are scarce and competition is high. People are under a lot of pressure to over perform on the job. Many employees are doing the work of several people with no breaks in between. Employees often lose sleep while trying to outperform their competitors and fellow employees. The combination of no sleep and huge work loads is often more than one person can handle.

Work Quality

Sleep deprivation on the job means work quality suffers. In some companies this may mean lost paperwork and sloppy presentations. In other companies, sleep deprivation can be responsible for greater dangers. Take for example, the pharmacist filling prescriptions late at night. Sleep deprivation could be responsible for wrong dosages or even the wrong medication being given to patients. How about the semi-truck operator who falls asleep at the wheel? These dangers should not be taken lightly.


Every day millions of sleep deprived individuals take to the streets to drive home from work. The real dangers of sleep deprivation often occur after the employee has punched out. Employees may work overtime to their personal limit, not factoring in the drive home. Consider also the weary housewife, exhausted after a day of housework hopping in the car for a trip to the local pizza place. If she’s too tired to cook dinner, she’s also too tired to drive.

The Body

The dangers of sleep deprivation include wear and tear on the vital organs and systems of the body. By staying awake, we are asking our bodies to perform beyond their capabilities. This places stress and strain on every portion of the physical body. Organs and systems are forced to work when they should be resting. This gives the body no time to heal itself in preparation for it’s next work period. Constant stress on the body effects our overall health and well being.

The Mind

The mind is adversely effected by the dangers of sleep deprivation as well. Lack of sleep causes confusion, distortion of memory and decreased mental capacity. Think of taking a test after staying up all night to study or trying to write a report after working late the day before. Sleep is how our mind rests from the rigors of the day. Without it, mental function is impaired. We become mentally
dysfunctional with lack of rest.

Sleep is the natural process by which we heal. Caffeine can multiply the dangers of sleep deprivation. People are often under pressure to overachieve at work. The resulting slack of sleep leads to small mistakes and potentially dangerous larger mistakes. Accidents caused by driving without proper rest are one of the major dangers of sleep deprivation. Both the body and mind suffer from lack of proper rest.


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