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Darth Vader Lamp Lego LED Desk Lamp


Darth Vader Lamp Box

So Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp is definitely a little out of the norm of what we usually review here.  This was just too good to pass up though so I had to pick one up and give it a try.  The Darth Vader Lamp by Lego comes unassembled so you get to put all four or so parts of it together.  I found the cape to be a little stiff at first so you might need to play with it to get it to look right.


Darth Vader Lamp and Pen Holder – Holding the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Fountain Pen in All Black

In addition to being a nice Darth Vader Lamp for your desk, this Lego lamp has the traditional Lego features.  That includes a cupped open hand that actually is big enough in this case to hold a pen if you wish.  It also swivels so you can extend the arm out and lay the pen horizontally in it.  For this review I think I selected the most appropriate pen which was a Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Fountain Pen in all Black.  It looks pretty awesome in the hand of Darth Vader alongside his light up lightsaber.


Darth Vader Lamp Side View

The Darth Vader Lamp by Lego measures about 12 to 13.5 inches depending on where you measure from, but for the most part the highest measurement comes while he is on the base with the lightsaber extended straight up.  The base itself is slightly higher than one inch, and the Lego Darth Vader Lamp detaches from it quite easily.  You can probably also see from the picture above that the cape on Darth Vader is actually a cloth-like material.  It seems to be a thin vinyl or something that is somewhat rigid but still flexible.  The back half of the lightsaber does not emit any light, as it has a red backing and the led lights face the front.


Darth Vader Lamp Unmasked

Another cool feature of the Darth Vader Lamp by Lego is that the helmet is removable to show the true face of Darth Vader.  This also reminds me that the lightsabre is also removable but that is just more for packing reasons.  Once you snap it in, it should stay in place.  The hand it is held in does swivel so you can get the lightsabre to run horizontally, diagonally or any position between to help direct light where you want it.


Darth Vader Lamp with Light on and off Stand

The most important thing about the Darth Vader Lamp by Lego is the lightsabre with 12 bright white LED lights.  It has two brightness levels which are controlled by pressing the panel on Darth Vaders chest.  Press once to turn it on and press twice to turn it up to a brighter level.  A third push of the chest panel turns the lightsaber back off again.  The LED lights in the Darth Vader Lamp are powered in one of two ways.  You can either use 3 AA batteries, or the included USB power cable.  For now I’ve been going with the 3 AA batteries which seem to be working fine.


Darth Vader Lamp off Stand with Foot Up

As with any Lego, the Darth Vader Lamp also twists and bends at all of the joints.  His head can twist a full three hundred and sixty degrees and the arms and legs are completely movable along with the hands.  This is one really awesome desk lamp and definitely one of the coolest office supplies out there if you are comfortable with having a Lego Darth Vader desk lamp as a grown adult.

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