Dating as a Single Mom


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Dating
Published on 11-09-2009

Dating as a single Mom can present an assortment of challenges. Kids may become resentful of the attention Mom gives her dating companion. They may not even like the idea of her dating at all. A lack of time and energy can be another road block to dating as a single Mom. Finding a reliable babysitter is another issue. Add these all up and dating as a single Mom loses appeal. Don’t be discouraged. Here are a few single Mom dating tips to get you over the humps.


If you are ready to begin dating as a single Mom, one of the best things you can do is be upfront about it. Have a family meeting before you begin dating again. Address any issues that might present a problem. Explain to your kids that they are always the most important people in your life. Let them know that dating as a single Mom doesn’t mean you love them any less. Tell them exactly what to expect when you start dating again.

Choosing a Sitter

Finding a reliable babysitter isn’t easy. Try several different babysitters before you start dating. Have them spend time with you and the kids. Let them get familiar with your family and routine. Get to know them and choose several who get along best with everyone. This gives you back ups for better availability. Before you begin dating as a single Mom, do a few babysitting trial runs during errands or shopping days. This will weed out the good babysitters from the bad.


Write emergency contacts and other pertinent information down. Be sure to include phone numbers such as your doctor and dentist. Dating as a single Mom may mean you are the only contact. Talk to responsible adult friends and relatives about including them on the list. Don’t forget to write things like allergies on the list. Go over the list with the sitter before leaving the house. Discuss exits, alarms, safe houses and other procedures to follow in case of emergency.

Make it Fun

Make your date nights fun for the kids too. Rent movies they can watch or video games they can play while you are out for the evening. Think about making their favorite brownies or other snack before you leave the house. Plan something that will be fun for the babysitter too. Keeping the babysitter involved in your kids evening means more attention is payed to their needs. Set a bedtime to give the babysitter a rest at the end of the evening.

Take It Slow

Single Moms shouldn’t be in a hurry to introduce dates to the kids. Wait until your relationship is well established and you know this person is going to be a part of your life. This avoids hurt feelings when things don’t work out. Always meet in public places, away from the home. Don’t discuss your kids or even the fact that you have kids if at all possible. These tips for dating as a single Mom keep kids safe from sexual predators and pedophiles as well.

Dating as a single Mom can be a challenge. Preparing your kids ahead of time provides a smooth transition. Choose your babysitter carefully and be sure they are prepared for any emergency. Take the time to get to know your dates before introducing them to the kids. Dating as a single Mom will be fun and safe for everyone by following these tips.


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