Dating Etiquette for Men

Men have something of a reputation when it comes to romance. What some women may want to see is the sensitive, caring guy from the chick flicks all throughout history, or the eloquent, warrior-poet from romance novels. What she’s more likely to get is something from a much grimmer fairy tale. If we as men manage to show up on time, and we’re shaved and showered, it’s likely a miracle. Keeping this in mind, there are some basic rules of dating etiquette that men should keep in mind.

First and foremost guys, be presentable. Shower, shave, and put on clothes that are clean. It’s also a good idea to leave off any gaudy accessories and to go very easy on the body scent if you feel you absolutely can’t go without it. However, don’t suppress your own style to try and impress your date. Generally speaking, get an opinion from a friend (preferably from a woman) before going out – first impressions and all that.

Remember men, timing is everything. If you said you were going to pick her up at 6, then don’t roll up at 6:30. Be there when you say you will, and if you are going to be late then have your phone with and call your date to let her know what’s going on.

It’s worth noting here that usually a date should be planned out in advance. Unless you’re purposefully surprising someone, women usually like to have a say in the evening’s festivities. If you both agree to go to a sports bar and watch the game, more power to you, but you should definitely keep the other person in mind when it comes to the date itself.

Now that all of the preparation and planning etiquette is out of the way, there are a few other issues that tend to crop up during a date that men should be careful to avoid. First of all guys, don’t talk about yourself the entire time. If a woman asks you something then by all means answer it, but don’t go on and on. Some choice topics to avoid are your ex-girlfriends, the details of your job, your parents, her ex-boyfriends, politics, and the finer points of your sex life. Take this with a grain of salt though. Since these are general rules they should apply to general dates… if you feel the mood changing in a certain way where any of these would open up, then feel free.

A few last points. Don’t answer your cell phone, or let yourself be interrupted by people who know you if someone comes up to you and your date. Along these lines, don’t stare at other women, or even worse flirt with them, while you’re out on a date. When in doubt be polite, keep things on friendly ground, and just enjoy the date. Etiquette isn’t all about taking her coat and holding open doors (though those are recommended too), but ask yourself before you do something if you’d be annoyed to be on the receiving end of the behavior. If it’s a yes, chances are you shouldn’t do it.


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