Dating Tips for Catholics


Authored by Stephanie Modkins in Dating 
Published on 09-14-2009

Dating can be a challenge, especially if you are Catholic. Why? Interweaving your religious values into the current dating scene isn’t always easy. You want to find eternal love, but you also want to keep your moral standards. Don’t worry you can do both. Here’s how:

Tip #1- set your own rules. Decide now what the parameters will be for your dating life. How many so-so dates will you endure before you call it quits with someone? Will you only date Catholics? Are you going to kiss someone on the first date? Set a few rules and then live by them.

Tip #2- Join a social group. The only way to meet anyone is to go out and be social. So, join a social group that will allow you to meet other singles. It could be at the church, online or in the community. Make sure it’s one that supports your Catholicism. In other words, a group for Satanists isn’t for you, but one that focuses on volunteerism is a perfect match.

Tip #3- Never give up hope. Many people fail in the world of dating because they give up too soon. This statement is especially true when it comes to religions men and women. You struggle to find a person who meets your Catholic ideals and end up thinking that no one is out there and stay in on Saturdays. Don’t let that be you. Keep your dating life alive by never giving up hope. The Creator does have a special person for you.

Tip #4- Keep an open mind. You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘it takes all types’ to make the world go round. The world is made up of all sorts of people who might be a right match for you. They are short, light, dark, smart, silly, goofy and at times crazy. Keep an open mind to who might be right for you. As long as they fit the basics – employed, educated, Catholic – then they should be given a chance date.

Tip #5- Accept outside help. It’s a fact that many people in the world find love because a family member or good friend set them up on a date. This dating process works well because other people sometimes know you better than you know your self. Therefore, accept help from other good Catholic family members and friends. They love you, so they will pick the best person for you to date.

Tip #6- Pray to the Master. Use the faith you built up as a Catholic to pull in a mate. Don’t laugh. One of the most famous men in America – Tom Hanks – has a praying wife (Rita Wilson). When she was single, she prayed every day for a mate and who did The Creator send her? He sent one of the most eligible, rich men in the world. They’ve been happily married now for over 20 years. Here prayers really were answered in a big way. He can answer yours too.

These six tips will help you in your dating life. Embrace them and you will boost up your social life and eventually find love.


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