Dating Turnoffs for Women

For single men and women, dating is one of the most important points in their social calendar. Preparing for a date can be nerve wrecking especially for those first timers who doesn’t know what to do during this time. Sometimes dates may seem to fall short than what is expected. If you are a guy, there will be a lot of pressure from you because women usually have certain expectation on their mind. Aside from the place and the things that you will do during the date, women often make this as a time to gauge if the man will pass for a second date. They can assess if you are boyfriend material and want you to step up in the next level. For a lot of men, it is given that they can’t control the whole date itself but they can definitely control their personality. It is important for a man to know what kind of things that make a woman run towards that other direction. Here are some things that you need to remember when it comes to dating. Avoid this so that women will not be turn off during your first date.

  • Women love confident men because they want somebody to lead and to protect them. If you lack confidence and every part of your body spells insecurity then it is time to assess your character and what makes you feel that way. It is important to build your confidence so that it can level with the confidence of the woman that you are dating.
  • The common turn off for women is a man who isn’t groomed. Women usually spend hours and hours preparing themselves so they expect their date to do the same or some what presentable enough. Body odor, stray hairs from the nostrils and dirty finger nails are some of the things that women watch out. Remember that before you go to action; make sure to allot certain amount of time when it comes to your appearance and personal hygiene.
  • Women go to date because they want to find the perfect man to marry. Based on conversations, women can simply tell if the guy has goals and ambition in life. She wants a provider and not a lazy guy in her life. Mostly she would ask how you see yourself years from now. It pays to be honest but not too much. Remember to be sincere and tell her things that you are passionate about.
  • Based on surveys, some women dislike guys who are too serious and lack sense of humor. It will be better if you crack jokes a little so that you will not bore her the whole evening. Be less intimidating. If she enjoys your company, you can be assured that she wants a second date.
  • Avoid negativity during the date. Be optimistic about everything. Keep your problems to yourself. It is good to share but give it sometime. She may have problems on her own as well but it will be best to provide her with a happy atmosphere. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then it will be better to close your mouth. Make sure that you talk about positive topics and keep it light.
  • Being self centered is actually one of the biggest turn offs for women. Share a little information about yourself and ask her questions as well. In this way you can have a meaningful conversation.

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