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Dead Fred Pen Holder Review


Stabbing the Dead Fred Pen Holder with a Sharpie Pen

The other day I was checking out ThinkGeek.com because I know they usually have some fun and unique office supplies there, and next thing I knew I had loaded up my cart with a bunch of stuff, so expect to see some reviews of their stuff over the next few days, starting with this review of the Dead Fred Pen Holder.   I’ve seen around before, and they also have knife holders like this which have a bit more shock value, but the pen holder is pretty cool itself.


The Dead Fred Pen Holder

For the most part I don’t really use pen holders so often, but I couldn’t pass up this one just because of the humor and shock value.  When I cracked open the packaging, I was surprised because I didn’t realize it was a soft rubber or silicone that made up the body of this guy.  Of course if I had bothered to read at all, I probably would have realized that from the start.  The silicone gives the small hole in his body the ability to expand a bit and grip whatever pen  you decide to stick in there.

I tried out a few pens in the Dead Fred Pen Holder and they all pretty much work with no issues.  I decided to picture one of my favorite pens, the Sharpie Pen in the pen holder for this review because it has a bit of a larger and non-tapered end, so I thought that would be the most challenging test for the hole.  It worked well with no issues, I was afriad that it might eventually pop out or fall out, but good ole’ Fred held onto it for a while before I took it out.  There are only two minor things that bug me about the Dead Fred Pen Holder are the rubber smell, which isn’t overwhelming, and the fact that it is a little bit of a dust magnet.  Like I said, those are minor issues, so if you are looking for a cool pen holder, I thikn Dead Fred is a good choice, even if you just break him out for Halloween or something.

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