Dealing With Post Pregnancy Stress

The wait is over. After nine long months of waiting and watching, dreaming and hoping, your bundle of joy has finally arrived in this world and in your life. Only to turn it topsy-turvy. Welcome to the world of nappies and diapers, sleepless nights and bawling infants. In short, coping with the initial phase of motherhood will be quite demanding and exhausting and may result in irritability, mood swings and stress.

However, tackling post pregnancy stress is not such a daunting task. Here are some expert tips to help you cope with motherhood blues:

1. Catch up on sleep: The first casualty after the baby is going to be your sleep. Most babies are nocturnal creatures and keep awake at night. So what do you do? Set 2 hours in the day when somebody else can look after your baby while you catch up on your much craved for sleep. Try and make this a daily routine and you will find yourself fresh and happy.

2. Involve your husband: Actively involve your spouse in bringing up the baby. At the beginning he may feel apprehensive or even uncomfortable handling such a small and fragile being, but he will soon get used to it. Let him cradle the baby, try and put him/her to sleep and gradually learn how to change the diaper too.

3. Fix a time for guests: A new baby is the center of attraction and all your friends and relatives will want to come and see the new arrival. But do not encourage guests in the afternoon. Use this time to rest and if possible make the baby sleep during the afternoon. You will find that resting post lunch will revive your spirits and make you feel energetic.

4. Relax with music: Put on your favorite music and just relax. Listening to soft soothing music is a panacea for stress-related problems. And your baby too will love to listen to soft melodious tunes.

5. Talk to friends: Talking and sharing all your emotions is a great stressbuster. The first couple of months will be a new experience for you and one that will test your nerves. The baby may fall sick, may refuse to feed, and will cry for long without you being able to understand what the matter is. Talking to a friend who has undergone all this will help you deal with the situation better. Even otherwise, just sharing your woes will make you feel much lighter.

6. Pamper yourself: There is nothing like a luxurious massage to soothe those frayed nerves. Go in for a real refreshing aromatherapy massage or bath and feel the difference.

7. Walk your blues away: Walking will not only revive your tired spirits and body but will get you back in shape as soon as possible. Take the baby along in a pram so that he/she too can breathe in the fresh air and be close to nature.

8. Do some yoga or meditation: Yoga is a great exercise as well as helps in relaxation. Of course, limit yourself to asanas that are easy and not so strenuous. Meditation too will help you relax and stay focused.

9. Talk to your baby: Gurgle and coo with your baby and slowly start talking to your little one. This will help you forge a bond as strong as steel.

10. Let things be: Don’t try to be superhuman. If the house is a bit messy then let it be or give others a chance to do something. Just concentrate on the baby, relax and enjoy this time to the full.

Above all, remember to give yourself time and deal with everything patiently. Instead of getting bogged down by all the strains and pressures of post pregnancy, enjoy this time and make the most of it.


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