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Deals and Sales for March 8, 2015


Just some quick deals and sales for today:

  • Not that I’d ever recommend these, but if you have some sort of event (ie. petition signing, in person contest, sign up event type thing) this box of 60 BIC Round Stic Xtra Life pens is a really good deal at just about $0.07 per pen, you probably won’t find anything cheaper, and if you do its probably some off brand that I wouldn’t trust.  These are an Amazon “add on” item but at $4.48 for 60 pens its worth taking a look at for some specific situations.  (Buy via Amazon)
  • Just a reminder that one of my favorite brands of notebooks when it comes to best value for the dollar, the Black n’ Red brand still has this great deal for their smaller hard cover version available on Amazon for only $2.99 instead of the usual $6-$10.  Another Amazon “add on” but again, worth a look.  (Buy via Amazon)
  • I love my Moo.com Luxe business cards, and they have a nice deal for $5.00 off any order using the promocode HD77T8.  (Buy via Moo.com)
  • Saddleback leather has quite a few of their awesome briefcases on their “Daves Deals” page.  You usually cant find discounted versions of their products, and items on this page usually have small imperfections, but to save 10% to 25% off on a piece this expensive, might make it easier to pull the trigger on one of their items. (Saddleback Leather Dave’s Deals)

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