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December 2014 JetPens Giveaway Winner

red-sale-labelIts time to announce the winner of our December 2014 JetPens.com gift card winner, but before we get to that, just wanted to share a quick reminder that although many of the big holiday sales are done,  you can usually find some good deals at the following places regardless of the time of year.

  1. Have you checked out the Dave’s Deals section of Saddleback Leather?  They are constantly adding new items to the rotation here and quite often you can find one of their amazing Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcases, or just about any of their other cool accessories.  Definitely worth checking out the discounts.
  2. If you have a weakness for the amazing looking and great quality of Levenger products, check out their eBay Outlet and also keep in mind that if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can get a much better deal on Amazon because you aren’t paying so much for their shipping costs.

So, for the reason  you came here…which is to see if you were the winner f our monthly JetPens.com $25 gift card, the winner this moth is Jan Morris.  If thats you, just use the contact us link to get in touch with us so we can validate your email address and get the gift card out to you.  Thanks to everyone that signed up and that supports the blog.

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