Decorating a Guest Bedroom

To decorate a guest bedroom, you want to design it to be welcoming, comfortable and homey as well. You’ll have to ask yourself then what will make your guest feel welcome and at home in their new surroundings?

When decorating a guest bedroom, think of how you’d like to be treated. Make sure the colors are pleasing to view. Pale blues and greens and neutral shades like tan are restful on the eyes and pleasing. The lighting too should be soft and subdued.

Next, you’ll want to consider the type of bed. Twin beds are practical as they can be used individually for more than one guest or pushed together into one full-sized bed. Keep in mind that comfort is key. You don’t want to stray away from welcoming your guest without the utmost hospitality.

Therefore, don’t be sparing when it comes to providing linens, pillows and comforters. Furnish a pillow top type mattress pad for a peaceful night’s sleep. The bedding you select should make your guest feel comfy and snug. If it’s chilly outside, flannel sheets are a nice amenity. Comforters need to be thick and cushiony too. Make certain there are extra pillows for added luxury. Think of the design. Perhaps diamond quilting and an embroidered hem would add a nice touch. Don’t spare on the frills. Make your guest feel as welcome as if they were a guest in a four-star hotel with a sense of home thrown into the mix. Keep extra blankets on hand to ensure a sense of warmth as well as security.

Decorate the room with the same pieces of furniture you have in the other bedrooms in your home. Include extra accessories to make your guest feel like they’re gladly received in your household. You don’t want your guest to have to ask for anything. Have everything they need right at their disposal. Keep any personal family items out of the room. The guest room is your visitor’s own private space. You don’t want him or her feel like they’re imposing in the least.

On the nightstand, supply pen and paper, an alarm clock and reading lamp. Ask your visitor what they like to read before their arrival and have the appropriate books and magazines on a shelf or on their nightstand. A couple welcome baskets are also nice ways of conveying your wishes and showing your guest you’re glad they’re there. In one basket, add toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and salts for the bath or perhaps a razor and shaving cream. In another basket, add edibles like cookies and chocolates or cheeses and fresh fruits.

Include a coffee maker should they want some coffee or a small refrigerator with refreshments such as cola, water or iced tea.

Whatever colors you choose for the guest bedroom, make sure they’re soft and inviting. The tones and shades should come together into one homey, receptive theme.

Decorate the guest bedroom with pale monochromatic colors that blend well together. For instance, light blue and beige work well with a pale rose. Or maybe you’d prefer to use earth tones such as brown, blue and tan. Add luxury with a jacquard comforter with a twist cord hem or impart a touch of whimsy with a quilted comforter with a small floral print.

Whichever way you choose to decorate a guest bedroom, it should foster all the sentiments that will help make your guest’s stay a warm and memorable experience.


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