Decorating a Small Bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom takes finesse. With the right creativity and skill, and some careful planning, the bathroom can be made to look larger and more inviting. The key is to consider everything from the color of the walls to the organization of things like towels and tissue boxes. This is an important space to decorate. This is one of the most visited places in one’s home. After all, no matter a person’s life, they will at some point need to use the bathroom on at least a daily basis. The more time put into this project, the more successful the outcome.

The first thing to do is to consider the color of the bathroom’s walls. Try and choose a light color. Often, pastel shades work well for bathroom walls because they make small rooms look that much larger and inviting. You can also try painting a lattice or some crown molding at the top of the ceiling to give the appearance of a raised ceiling. This too will make your small bathroom look that much larger.

Similarly, consider the color of the small bathroom’s flooring. Often, a light-colored floor will also add some size to a small bathroom. Dark flooring can make a space look far smaller than it actually is. Consider replacing the tiles or linoleum to achieve this look. If replacing the flooring is not an option, try using a light-colored bathmat or rug. Such an accessory can offer a similar effect to light-colored flooring.

Once the walls have been painted a light color, it’s important to add some color to the space with some well-planned accessories. To do this, try bringing in some brightly colored towels and rugs. Mirrors are also an important investment for a small bathroom. if you add a couple of mirrors to the space, it will trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it actually is. Additionally, the mirror will reflect all of the different colors in the space so that they move in a variety of directions.

When decorating a small bathroom, it is also important to consider the room’s lighting. Soft or natural-looking lighting is always best when it comes to a bathroom. This is why skylights are a solid investment. Recessed lighting will add a natural glow that will make the room seem that much warmer and inviting. Lastly, be sure to choose incandescent lighting options instead of fluorescent ones. This type of lighting isn’t as harsh. The more lighting, the better: It can really open up a space.

Remember that in a small bathroom space is everything. Try to get rid of anything that is unnecessary. Additionally, try and maneuver your bathroom’s items so that they do not take up too much floor space. Look into replacing a large vanity with a smaller pedestal-type sink or one that is wall-mounted. Similarly, consider investing in shelves on which to place essentials. The more floor space that is cleared up, the larger the small bathroom will look.


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