Decorating Ideas for a Girl’s Bedroom

A girl’s bedroom is one of the most exciting rooms in the house to decorate! Here you can get carried away with all the pretty pinks and purples and get lost yourself in daydreaming and story-spinning! But don’t think that just because it’s a girl’s room that you are decorating that it means that you’re limited to pretty pastel colors and butterflies and princesses. There are tons of decorating ideas for girls! So whether you have a girly girl on your hands or a tomboy, you’ll have a multitude of ideas to decorate her room!

If your daughter is old enough, which could mean as young as two, ask her how she would like her room to be decorated. Don’t just ask this question and be prepared for a lengthy answer involving rugs, walls, and window treatments. Instead, be prepared with a few pictures and ideas that you can show her to give her a better idea of what she would like in her room. Also be sure to ask her what her favorite colors are and include those in the room. After all, this is going to be her own private haven where she can spend hours talking on the phone, doing homework, and sleeping. She does have a say in what the room looks like that she’ll be doing all of this in!

If you think that a theme room would be right for your daughter, ask her what theme she would like. A moonlight and star theme is very fun and there are tons of bedding, window and rug options available that will add to this theme! Paint the walls a nice shade of blue that is somewhat dark but still light enough to make it pleasant to look at. If you think this will be too dark, simply choose an accent wall that can be painted midnight-blue. Or if you want to leave the walls a neutral color, go overboard with bedspreads, lamps, knick knacks, rugs, and anything else that comes in the moonlight and star theme. Little neon glow-in-the-dark star constellation stickers can also be purchased. This will allow her to fall asleep under the night sky every single night!

Having an ocean-themed bedroom for a girl is another great way to decorate her bedroom! Paint the floor the color of sand and even have little buckets filled with things like sand and starfish scattered around the room (they make great bookends!) Paint the walls a calm ocean-blue color and hang up pictures of the ocean and beach scenes everywhere! If you have room you can even set up a small area with a beach chair and a beach umbrella over it so she’ll have a cozy place to sit in her own ocean room!

Girl power is also all about flower power so this could be a very suitable theme! And one of the best things about a flower theme, besides that it’s super-girly, is that there are tons of things that can be purchased for this style of room! Get pretty comforters and curtains in a floral pattern and put pots with fake flowers all over the room in different sizes. You can even hang a shelf on the wall for these pots to sit! Stencil the walls with tons of flowers and it’ll be a great touch to your daughter’s own garden. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind when decorating a floral room. Floral prints that are very small and cramped together can seem to be very granny-ish and won’t have that girly touch you’re going for. Instead, choose big flowers like daisies, sunflowers, and roses and have them somewhat apart from each other. So if you’re stenciling on the wall, stencil one large flower, move a few inches over, and then stencil another. This is sure to keep with the look that you want!

Decorating a girl’s room as a tea party is another great way to make sure that your daughter will love her room! Set up a small table in the middle of the room with lots of chairs around it. Inside the chairs set up her favorite dolls and stuffed animals. Then on every corner and shelf, set up big straw hats and costume jewelry such as large pearl necklaces draping over everything!

There are tons of ideas for decorating a girl’s room! Once you speak to your daughter and find a few ideas, the chances are that you’ll soon find just how limitless the options really are!


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