Decorating Your Entire Home For Christmas

Getting excited about the upcoming Christmas season? The music has already started on the radio and the stores are already putting out their Christmas gear. You hear the bell of the Salvation Army volunteer and the holiday deals are already in full swing. Some people wish it would come sooner – especially your kids – but unfortunately we just have to wait. One way to bring the Christmas spirit into your house so you can enjoy the holidays and make it last a little longer is to decorate your entire home for Christmas.

Many people like to decorate for Christmas, but too many people just focus on one or two rooms. Usually the room that has the Christmas tree will also be decorated festively, but if you want to have the holiday spirit all around your house, think about decorating each and every room in your home for Christmas.

Most families put their Christmas tree in their living room or family room, so why not focus on other rooms of the house? Let’s take a look at your bathroom. Face it, the bathroom probably gets used just as much if not more than the other rooms in the house. Since bathrooms are much smaller than the other rooms, it makes it ideal to decorate very simply and without much effort. Hang a nice Christmas picture on the wall and replace the bath towels with Christmas themed ones. A nice scented candle and a mini snowman or two and you have an instant Christmas bathroom.

Since the kitchen is where a lot of work gets done and it gets “dirty” from the cooking and eating, most people tend to overlook this room when decorating for Christmas. There are many low-cost ways to decorate this room, just like you did for the bathroom. You’ll find plenty of Christmas themed kitchen supplies – small rugs, potholders, oven mitts, plates – and if you do some smart shopping these things can be picked up for just a few dollars. If you want to add an extra special touch for your Christmas guests, bring out the Christmas silverware, although this can be more expensive. Many stores have matching bowls, cups, and plates that have all sorts of Christmas themes on them. Plus a nice jar candle on the stove adds a nice touch (and smell!) to your kitchen.

If you have kids, don’t forget the individual bedrooms. Too many times we focus on the main few areas of the house and forget the rooms with less traffic like the bedrooms. You can hang Christmas lights around a closet or dresser, or even around the perimeter of the room to give it a great Christmas feel. Sometimes the lights can be too much, especially for younger kids, but you can still decorate with a mini Christmas tree, a Christmas picture on the wall, or even something as simple as some holly on the door, or a stocking hung on a mirror.

Now that the inside of your house is decorated, why not think about decorating the outside of your house as well. Most people get in the Christmas spirit simply by stringing a row of Christmas lights around their house. You can hang them from the gutters, or be more creating like putting them on bushes or trees, or around your front door or garage. There are different sizes and colors of Christmas lights that should fit whatever look you are trying to achieve. Inflatables have been popular in recent years, too. Why not have a giant Rudolph, Santa, or Frosty the Snowman welcoming all to your home.

There are many ways that you can bring the Christmas spirit into your house. You can decorate every room in your house as well as the outside of your house. It’s a very popular way to spread the holiday joy. But if you just want to keep it simple and have a nice tree and a few decorations, then that is what you should do. After all, everyone celebrates differently. You should choose what is right for you.


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