Decorative Garden Edgers

Decorative garden edgers add to the looks of your landscape as well as provide functionality. This kind of border defines particular areas of your yard and is useful for keeping the lawn and planting areas separate from one another. Therefore, mulch remains contained in the flower or garden bed and plants are protected from lawn mower damage as well.

Garden edgers come in a variety of designs depending on the overall décor of your yard or landscape. For the traditional landscape, edgers are available in geometric and straight edge designs. For a more contemporary or informal look, you can opt for edgers made in curved designs or materials such as bamboo. Whether you choose edgers that add to the décor or use ones that aren’t quite as distinct, you will find a number of decorative edgers that can meet your gardening and landscaping needs.

When shopping for decorative edgers, you want to keep their primary purpose in mind and that is to maintain the mulch in your flower or garden and keep the grass out of the area you designate for planting. Some edgers allow you to mow along them closely thereby eliminating the need for weeding every time you cut the grass. Therefore, edgers not only add to the looks of your property, they’re useful in reducing the time spent in maintaining it as well.

Garden edgers come in a variety of materials such as concrete, bamboo, aluminum, willow, plastic or brick. It’s best to try to match your garden edgers to the materials used in your hardscape or patio or deck. Therefore, if you have a wood deck, you might use willow edgers in your yard. Choose pavers as borders to complement patios made of the same material.

For low-cost, maintenance-free edging, PVC resin borders come in a myriad of styles and designs and can replicate a number of looks. For instance, use a resin edge that looks like slate to add definition to your property. Many of these borders are easy to install as they come with spikes that merely need to be tapped into the ground with a hammer or mallet.

Styles come in the look of white wicker as well as Victorian patterns and designs. Or you can add a touch of whimsy with lattice edging in colors like taupe or white. These functional accent pieces never need to be painted and resist wear and tear. Use them along driveways, sidewalks, around the garden or trunks of trees as these economical edgers are designed to last and add to the looks of your property.

Depending on your budget and tastes you can acquire edging custom made or pre-made.

Custom designs can be made of stone, brick, wood, metal or decorative block. If you choose pre-made styles, then you’ll have quite an offering. Many of these types of edgers come in strips about four inches wide, and are available in four foot sections for easy installation. Or you can opt for interlocking blocks which are a bit more expensive. Whatever your choice, decorative garden edgers can greatly impact the looks of your property. Take time out to review the various styles as well as materials. You’re sure to find the perfect look to incorporate into your landscape.


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