Deer Resistant Flowers


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Gardening
Published on 05-12-2009

You probably enjoy watching deer cross the fields or even cross your yard if you live in the country or on a farm. However you do not like to see deer eating your favorite flowers especially if you love gardening. There are some steps you can take to help keep your flowers safe from deer.

One way to plant deer resistant flowers is to use a fence around your garden that is tall enough to prevent the deer from getting to close to your garden. This does not help, however, if you have beautiful flowers that you want to protect scattered throughout your yard.

You can plant deer resistant flowers. There are many common flowers that deer tend to stay away from when looking for food. You can plant dwarf iris flowers, crocus flower, geraniums, marigolds, morning glories and forget-me-nots just to name a few.

Deer resistant flowers are those that deter a deer from eating them. There are some properties of flowers that will help make them less appealing to a hungry deer. Deer will stay away from flowers with thorns and other characteristics that will be painful to eat or to rub against. They do not like flowers that are fuzzy in texture. If a flower has a bad taste, a deer wills top eating it. Please keep in mind though that flowers with a bad taste to a deer can also be a poison to the deer.

Deer are a beautiful part of nature and you do not want to do anything to hurt them even when protecting your flowers. Do not put ingredients on flowers to act as a deterrent if they can make a deer sic. If you plant a fence near flowers, use caution to make sure it is not a type of fence in which a deer could get caught or hurt.

You can visit your local nursery to search for deer resistant flowers. If you have no idea which flowers you can plant to enjoy if deer can access your flowers, talk to an expert at the nursery. They can help you to find and select deer resistant flowers. Use their advice to aid you in selecting beautiful flowers for your garden.

For more comprehensive lists and advice for planting deer resistant flowers, you can refer to gardening books. You can visit your local library to find books on gardening. Borrow a few books to study before you start planting your flowers. Of course, you can also visit the local bookstore to purchase some books about gardening. Search the contents of the books first to make certain that they offer information on deer resistant flowers.

Careful planning will help you to find flowers that will be unappealing to deer. You can have an attractive garden even if deer are able to roam your estate. You will be able to organize a display of flowers in your garden or yard that will allow you to enjoy beautiful deer and your flowers both.


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