Denver: The Most Preferred American City


Authored by Jon Mercer in Colorado
Published on 02-09-2009

A survey conducted recently by the Pew Research Center found that Denver, Colorado was the top city in which Americans said they would live if they had the choice. Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati were at the bottom of a list of thirty cities, all large metropolitan areas, which Americans were asked to rank as places they would or wouldn’t like to live.

Denver was Chosen by forty-three percent of the people who participated in the survey. San Diego was chosen by forty percent of Americans participating in the survey, and Seattle was chosen by thirty-eight percent of respondents. Apparently for most Americans, “the West side is the best side.” The ten most popular big cities according to the recent survey are all in the western United States except for Orlando, Tampa, and San Antonio which are in the South and Southeast.

The survey, which was published recently online at Reuters.Com, also noted that the big cities at the bottom of the ratings were all in the Midwest. They include Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. The survey also recognizes that politics also plays a contributing role in America’s geographical preferences. The survey showed that Republicans were partial to Phoenix while Democrats were fond of San Francisco, which is known for its liberal atmosphere and relaxed laws on political issues as gay rights, medical marijuana and same sex marriage.

The survey noted that more affluent people wanted to live in Boston; they were twice as likely to want to live there than people of lower incomes. The survey also found that younger people favored Los Angeles over older people. According to the survey, forty-six percent of Americans indicated that they would rather live somewhere other than where they live now. Interestingly, this view was indicated more by big city residents than by rural and small town dwellers.

Also indicated in the survey was the fact that McDonald’s fast food restaurants were preferred over Starbucks by the majority of respondents. Inexplicably, the survey found that as many as forty-three percent of the Americans surveyed said that they would rather live in an area where there were more McDonalds than Starbucks.

Seven out of ten whites say that they would rate their community as “very good”, while only about half of Hispanics and about four out of ten blacks would say the same about their communities. The survey also found that rural and suburban residents rated their communities better than those who live in big cities and small towns.


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