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Designing Effective Banner Stands to Draw Attention

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 08/22/2012

Exhibitions and trade shows are the right places for the participants to showcase their products and services. It is also where the participants get an opportunity to find the potential customers. However, as an exhibitor you must remember that the success of the trade show relies on the effect of the display. Banner displays play a huge role in catching the attention of the visitors and drawing them to your stand.

Define banner display: Exhibit banner stands are presentations, which provide an idea about the products displayed on the stand. There are different types of banners available. The banners are normally designed to portray large graphics and texts.

Different banner stands: There are different types of banners available. You need to select the right type to exhibit your products. Banner stands are designed to showcase text and graphics related to your products. This type is a suitable choice for trade shows. Roll up banners are like small projectors. These banners are easy to set up. However, it may prove to be expensive than the other types. Pole banners do not have the recoil mechanism. Due to this, the graphic does not automatically roll inside the banner. You need to remove the graphics and roll them individually for these banners.

Reasons to use banner stands: Banner stands are lightweight and portable. These usually come along with carry bags or cases. Due to this reason, the exhibitors find it easy to carry the banner stands to the venue. Moreover, this is the perfect solution for displaying small graphics. Banner stands are easy to place and do not require more than ten minutes for set up. Businesses working on tight budget can easily rely on this for its cost-effectiveness.

Create eye-catching banner designs: Effective displays can make an immense difference to the number of conversions – from visitors to consumers. Use both text and images to attract the attention of the visitors. The tag line should be short and catchy so that it lingers in the minds of the visitors for a long time.

Right place for information: The display should provide information. However, you should decide the right position to place the text. To make the visitor search for information is a mistake. They normally do not attempt to read through the whole banner. The common habit is to scan the displays in haste. Therefore, make it easy for them to find necessary facts. Place the important information at the eye level and preserve the bottom of the banner to put the URL of the website, which would come in handy if the visitors require more information about the products.

Keep it short: Including too much information on the display is a mistake. The visitors do not have the time to read everything you wish to say. The websites are created for the purpose of providing detailed information. Short and easy to read informative content is ideal for banner displays.

Adhere to important facts: Attempting to include different details on the banners and displays is not a good idea. The banner stands are placed to display the important facts about the organisation or the products. Try to arouse the curiosity of the visitors and let them find out the rest from other resources at leisure.

Quality of graphics: It is imperative to include graphics along with the text. However, the graphics on the exhibition display stands in UK need to be of high quality. The images should be related to the products and be able to define your organisation. Seeking assistance of a competent professional designer will be wise, as a lot depends on the effectiveness of the graphics.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in a marketing agency. He offers tips and suggestions for designing exhibit banner stands properly to enhance the visual effect of the exhibition.



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