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A few weeks ago I undertook a serious cleaning project to purge some of my older files, and I gave my paper shredder a pretty good workout.  Unfortunately the paper shredder that was already about 6 years old decided that it was time to call it quits, leaving me with stacks of stuff to shred still.  Lucky for me I recently signed up for Amazon Prime (2 day shipping on everything for $75/yr.) and I quickly ordered myself a new Fellowes Powershred PS-77Cs … [Read more…]


Normally I like to get a photo of the product in its package for my reviews, but for this Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam, I completely ruined the package so that wasn’t possible for this review.  For some reason I’ve put off having a mouse pad for years now, so I finally broke down and bought this one when I saw it on Amazon because I was tired of not having one, and taking the finish off of my desk that I probably need to replace anyway. Oh, and … [Read more…]


One of the more popular posts on this blog for a long time has been the Jumbo Binder Clip review that I did back in June of ’09, so I have been looking for a giant paper clip to review as a follow-up.  Turns out that ACCO brands has their own version of a giant paper clip, or the Megaclip. … [Read more…]


As I mentioned before, I am taking a short break with the “What’s on Their Desk” series until 2011, however I do have a new product from inventor Jared Joyce to share with  you that he has submitted over on Quirky.  For those of you who don’t know about Quirky, it is a place where people submit inventions, and based on user feedback and voting, they select one product that gets developed by the member community and eventually produced and put up for sale. … [Read more…]


When I first saw these Fiskars Cuts+More Multi-Purpose Scissors, I was pretty excited.  They look like a pretty serious pair of scissors with their black titanium blade that looks more like a knife than a scissor blade.  In addition to being regular scissors, they are billed as being multi-purpose and can do everything from open bottles to cut wire, so they sounded like a perfect item to try out and share with you here. … [Read more…]


I received this awesome little Levenger Thai Pad™ from Steve Leveen a few weeks ago, and have really been enjoying the comfort and convenience that it offers.  It is a great stand for an eReader like a Kindle, for a tablet such as an iPad, or even just for one of those old fashion books.  The soft exterior (available in multiple colors) is made from silk, which is stuffed with a nice light weight padding, and measures about 12″x12″x6″. … [Read more…]


I don’t usually post anything on Thursday, but the opportunity presented itself to share another of Jared Joyce’s inventions.  I thought some of you would enjoy seeing these lightbulb shaped paper clips and having the chance to go vote for them in this weeks round of new inventions on Quirky.  If you vote for these and the product wins out over all of the other ideas submitted, you will be in line to earn a small percent of every set of these that get … [Read more…]


The good folks at OttLite asked if I would be interested in checking out their new OttLite natural daylight desk lamp, and giving away 3 of them to some lucky readers, so of course I jumped at the chance to check out this cool light and give you guys a chance to win one.  It was also good timing because I am trying to make sure I mix things up a bit and review more cool office supplies that are not just pens and notebooks. … [Read more…]


Some of you might not consider these Contigo Travel Mugs to actually be “office supplies” but considering how awesome they are, I felt like I had to share them here with you.  I figure if you go into work every day and have a cup of tea or coffee, then these spill proof and leak proof Contigo Autoseal travel mugs are definitely worthy of reviewing on this blog. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago, one of my loyal readers, @DIYSara asked me if I had ever tried any of the colored staples out there and unfortunately I had to tell her no.  I didn’t like not having an answer for her so I went on over to Google to start searching to see what I could find in terms of colored staples.  My results landed me on Amazon.com where I found these Swingline Color Bright Colored Staples.  I never thought I would find myself doing a review of staples … [Read more…]


A few days ago I did a review of some PaperPro Staplers, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the quality and the performance of each of them, so naturally I was excited to also get to review their 3 hole punch and 1 hole punches from them.  The one hole punch being reviewed here has a 10 sheet capacity, and the 3 hole punch has a 12 page capacity.  Thanks again for the fine folks at PaperPro who sent these over to be reviewed. … [Read more…]


Not too long ago I reviewed the PaperPro Nano Stapler, and was really impressed with how powerful it was.  It made me want to check out the rest of their line to see what else they had to offer, so we reached out to the manufacturer to see if we might be able to get our hands on some review samples.  Lucky for us, they were really nice and sent over a bunch of samples to look at. This review is quite timely too because recently I’ve even had a few people … [Read more…]


I’ve shared some products from inventor Jared Joyce with you before, however this ergonomic clipboard was actually the very first of his cool office supplies that I ever came across.  As with many of his other inventions, you can check out the Ergo CB on the social media product development site Quirky.com.  If you have not used Quirky before, you should check it out.  Providing your feedback on products can earn you a cut of each product sold. … [Read more…]


The good folks over at SortingWithStyle.com got in touch with me to share the new iPhone Sticky notes that they have, and I couldn’t help but smile at the concept.  I know there are plenty of people out there looking for a cheap iPhone, and this might be the cheapest iPhone you can find, if you are only looking for it to serve as a pad of sticky notes that is. 🙂 … [Read more…]


Friend to Office Supply Geeks everywhere, and accomplished Inventor, Jared Joyce has come up with yet another great idea that will help organize your office supplies and make you the envy of  your office mates.  The Pull-and-pop paper clip dispenser from Jared Joyce brings organization to a situation that is usually an unwieldy mess.  With this latest invention, Jared has transformed the traditionally messy magnetic paper clip dispenser into a “one at a … [Read more…]


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