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Desk Essentials for an Office Supply Geek


My Every Day Desk Set Up

One of the more popular questions I get is “What is your favorite [insert office supply product here]?”  The other day while at my desk in the office I thought it would be good to take a quick picture of the stuff that I had on my desk at the moment.  As I looked around I noticed that those things had become mostly permanent which by default makes them some of my go to desk essentials.

Here is a quick rundown of everything you see numbered in that picture, plus a few things that aren’t pictured or numbered, but are technically “in the picture” but not visible.  Oh, and some of them are not technically “cool office supplies” like we always focus on, but are definitely things that I consider desk essentials.  Make sure to read to the end to see some of the more unique or surprising items.

Our List of Desk Essentials

1.   Archipelago Botanicals Boticario de Havana Body Lotion – Although its labeled as “body lotion” its my favorite hand lotion.  The scent is great, not too overpowering, and definitely not flowery and girly…not that there is anything wrong with flowery and girly, its just not my thing.

2.  EO Products Hand Sanitizer – Finding a natural hand sanitizer  was important to me because I just don’t trust chemicals like triclosan.  The EO Hand Sanitizer is a bit on the strong side with its smell due to the essential oils, so if you are sensitive to strong smells, you might want to avoid this.  It does however dry pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any film or greasy feeling.

3.  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ Tablet – I definitely need to do more reviews of the apps and S-Note handwriting recognition software on here, but I’ve used it a lot for work along with the OneNote app and its been very helpful in keeping organized and on top of things.

4.  Contigo 16 ounce AutoSeal Insulated Tumbler – This stainless steel tumbler is not only leak proof so you can toss it in a bag with no worries of it spilling, but it is also able to keep hot liquids hot for up to 4 hours, and cold stuff cool for up to 12 hours.  There is probably some explanation based in physics as to why the hot stuff “only” stays hot for 4 hours, but I have no idea…I just know that it works and it works very well.  I actually just bought a new 20 ounce Contigo AutoSeal tumbler, which is about to replace this one just for the upped capacity that it provides.  Here is the original review that we did of the 16 ounce version.

5.  PaperPro Prodigy Stapler – This is by far the most amazing stapler I’ve ever used.  It effortlessly plunges staples into 25 sheets of paper with the pressure from just one finger.  I don’t staple often, but when I do I use a PaperPro Prodigy.

6.  TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well – This is a great looking and very efficient ink well when it comes to filling not only the TWSBI line of fountain pens, but also other brands.  The original TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well review for your reading pleasure.


7.  Ball of Whacks – This has been great for keeping myself occupied during conference calls, or as a much needed mental break from some taxing projects and tasks at work.  Its essentially a 30 piece rhombic triacontahedron and each piece has magnets on all sides, allowing you to rearrange them into tons of different designs and shaped.

8. Samsung Galaxy SIII Dock – Here is the only item on my desk that I actually don’t like.  I used to have this at my bedside for my phone/alarm clock, but the phone does not sit in it firmly so its been relegated to desk duty where its a little easier to not have to worry about it possibly getting knocked off.  There is a much better and more stable 3rd party dock here, which is the one I use at home now.

9.  Post-it Brand 4″x6″ Note Pad – This is my “go to” note pad when it comes to jotting down quick things that I need to remember to do or notes from phone calls.  Simple and basic, but thats what makes it such an essential.

10. LunchBots 16 oz. Stainless Steel and Watertight Container – This is a great little container for keeping a snack on hand at your desk.  Typically I fill mine with granola of some sort, or like now I’ve got a very tasty fruit and seed mix.  Having a healthy snack on hand like this definitely helps me avoid trips to the vending machine and unhealthy snacks.

11.  Logitech Trackman Mouse –  I’ve been using one of these at home and in the office for longer than I can remember.  I prefer this over a traditional mouse for multiple reasons.  No mouse pad is required, its more precise in its tracking, and you don’t need the same amount of space as you do for a traditional mouse.  Unfortunately I’m seeing now that this version is no longer available, and they only seem to have a wireless version.

12. & 16. Levenger Jr. and Letter Size Bomber Jacket Notebooks  – These have been part of my daily arsenal for years now, and have been a huge help in keeping me organized, plus I think they looks amazing and the quality is fantastic.  Here is the review.

13. Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand – An obvious accessory to go with the daily planner that sits on it.  See the review here.  Unfortunately it looks like Levenger doesn’t sell this anymore.

14. eBags Neoprene Pods – These are great for accessories like wires, adapters, and I even use them for pills/vitamins sometimes too.  No end  to the uses for these.

15. Some Pens that I Consider Desk Essentials:

Sharpie Pen Medium Point Red – Great for marking up spreadsheets and other documents, and a great all round pen with a nice strong and consistent porous plastic point that wont wear down over time.  Here is the Sharpie Pen Medium Point Review.

Uniball Kuru Toga Roulette – The Kuru Toga line is the only reason I ever started using pencils again after literally a decade or more of avoiding them at all costs.  The technology that spins the lead keeping it consistently sharp and writing with a fine line changed my view of pencil writing.  This black all metal version is elegant and stealthy looking with a great feel.

Sharpie Pen Stainless Steel – It doesn’t get as much love as the Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker, but its still a great pen and i looks great to boot.  The only think I don’t like is how the cap posts.

Sailor Professional Gear Imperial – I look forward to every chance I get to write with this pen because the nib is SO smooth and so fine, its prety much the best fountain pen I’ve written with.  It doesn’t hurt that its also ALL black, even the nib.  If you want some pictures and the review, here is my review of the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial.

Not Pictured:


Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover – Don’t lie, you know you spill food on yourself and ruin clothes just like everyone else.  Well its pretty easy to put an end to that, this thing has saved at least 3 shirts of mine, one from an unfortunate spill of a few blackberries (the actual fruit) which can be a tough stain.  One of my favorite desk essentials because it saves me money.


Say Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towels – I’m not ashamed to admit it, I keep these at my desk.  Sometimes you just need to clean your face, and lets face it most office bathrooms dont leave you feeling super clean after you wash your hands or maybe its just me?  Either way these are a great way to freshen up and they have a light cucumber scent.

Anyway, that ended up being a lot longer than I expected, so if you made it to the end, congratulations.  These are some cool office supplies and desk essentials to have on hand, so grab some of these for your desk and you will definitely have an easier and more enjoyable time at the office.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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