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Details about a skeleton watch

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 11/15/2010
  • Article Writing

Tourbillion, chronograph, minute repeaters¡­. There are too many different types of watches in the market. It takes too much time for people to learn something about each kind of them in details. Among those different types of timepieces, a skeleton watch is different from others. Perhaps you never heard the name before. It doesn’t matter; features and details about it will be introduced here. If you are interested in it, keep on reading.Outward AppearanceWe can simple define a skeleton watch as a timepiece of which the moving parts inside can be seen. The transparent material is used in it. Thus, all the components inside can be seen clearly. The wearer can see how it moves and how it works clearly. It is always mechanical. Yet sometimes people can also find quartz skeleton watches. It is a great timepiece which leaves deep impressions to people who have seen it. Because of the transparent material, it looks pure.Price Tags

Such an excellent timepiece is not expensive. A person can own it with a

bout $200 or $300. This is the most common price range of it. However, it can be expensive if it is made by a top watch manufacturer in the world such as Patek Philippe, Swatch and so on. The one which is priced at thousands is not hard to find in the high-end watch market. If a person cannot accept such a price tag, he or she can get a cheaper one with about 100 dollars. With so many options for people to choose, more and more young people are becoming interested in it.  TypesPeople may consider only men like this kind of special timepiece. In fact, some women also like because of its uniqueness. Therefore, there are skeleton watches for both men and women in the market. Mostly, the one for women is always made with diamonds or gold. It looks luxurious and exquisite!StyleDifferent styles can be found in different skeleton timepieces. Some of them are sporty. Some of them are elegant. Some of them are luxurious. Some of them are fashionable and nice.

Wearing such a special watch will surely make the wearer to be focused wherever he or she is. It is outstanding all the time.


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