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Determining Important Points before Buying Commercial Washing Machines

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 05/4/2012

Before you purchase laundry equipment for a commercial establishment, the first thing you need to determine is the type of washing machines you need. Considering the right details is important to make an informed decision in this regard. How do you find the machines right for your establishment? Here are a few points for help.

Which fabrics does the machine wash? Different wash cycles may cater to different fabric needs. The washing machines suitable for cleaning fine linen may not be suitable for cleaning horse rugs. Choose the washing machines for commercial establishment keeping the type of fabric you need to clean.

How much wash load the machine can handle in a single cycle? Every commercial establishment has a specific washing need on a daily or weekly basis. You need to find a washing machine that handles this wash load in minimum wash cycles. For example, if you have a wash load of 75 kg, opt for a machine that can handle 33 kg load per cycle.

Which specific wash cycles match your requirements? Different commercial establishments have different washing needs. While you need disinfection cycles for cleaning the linen of a health care facility, this is not an essential for other types of establishments. Keep this in mind while selecting the machines.

What mount machines are suitable for the establishment? Soft mount washing machines are a better option if it is a temporary facility. However, if you are planning to set up a commercial laundry facility, hard mount washing machines bolted and secured to the floor are a better choice.

Is energy efficiency an important concern? Yes. Opt for energy-efficient laundry equipment to ensure low electricity consumption. This saves on electricity costs and ensures preservation of energy. Check out the product details to know the energy efficiency rating of the washing machine.

Which type of loader is a better option? Depending on the type of commercial establishment you operate, you may choose top or front loader washers. Commercial laundries mostly use front loading machines; however, high efficiency machines are available with both these loading options.

Does the machine operate on high or low temperature? The chief distinction between these two types of commercial washing machines is while a high temperature one uses hot water for the final rinse cycle, the low temperature uses chemicals for the same. Choose the one matching the specific cleaning requirement your business has.

How much do you spend? The price of the industrial washing machine depends on a number of factors – features, wash load capacity, energy and water consumption, and such others. Compare the features and prices of different commercial washing machines for finding a quality product at reasonable price.

Keep in mind the total cost of ownership when calculating the expense you have to take care of when buying a washing machine for your commercial establishment. Consider the labour costs, the installation costs, the utilities cost as well as the repair and maintenance costs for proper calculation of the total cost of ownership.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is the owner of a commercial cleaning company that has been in business for more than a couple of decades. He provides tips and suggestions for commercial establishments for choosing the right industrial washing machine.



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