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Determining the Business Activities before Commercial Property Search

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/25/2012

The type of business activity you are involved in is one of the determining factors when you are conducting the search for the right business location. How does the business you are running affect the business location search? Understanding the way this affects your search and selection is necessary before you take any step in this regard. Here are the questions you need to find answers to before you choose a particular business location.

Do your customers comprise of passing traffic? If your business depends on the pedestrians or drive-by traffic, it is necessary to find a location that is within view. Popular retail locations include malls and downtown shopping areas. You need to find a shop to let in such locations to ensure visibility among target customers. Businesses like cloth boutiques, gift stores, and flower shops can benefit from such locations.

Do your customers seek out your business? If your business centres on providing products and services that customers need, it is a good idea to keep within proximity to the popular neighbourhoods. It is also necessary to keep accessibility in mind when choosing a business location in this situation. Businesses like child care centres, fitness centres or beauty salons need to be easily accessible by public and private modes of transport.

Do you conduct most of your business online? The trend of online business has caught up in the modern world. If you conduct majority of your business activities online, it is better to establish a home-based office instead of investing in an office space. However, it is essential to set up an office at the right location if your business requires you to meet clients. This also makes it possible to create an official image.

Do you have employees? Accessibility matters most when you have employees at your office. In most cases, businesses need to appoint people to conduct their regular activities. If your employees find it too difficult to come to the business location on a daily basis, running your business may become difficult. Consider the number of employees and the activities they are involved in when choosing a business space.

Does your business involve manufacture of goods? If manufacture and distribution of goods forms the core of your business activity, you need to find a location within close proximity to the transportation ports. An industrial site with the right amenities is essential for such businesses. You may need to find an industrial facility that offers adequate storage of the manufactured goods as well.

Note down the specific business activities you are involved in before contacting estate agents Dublin. These points would be essential to let them understand the exact type of premises you are looking for. This would also help them find the ideal locations for your business. Make sure you mention every point that would affect the choice of the business location to the estate agents.

Experienced estate agents would be able to locate the right commercial properties that would suit your business requirements with ease and efficacy.

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Daniel Smith has worked as property consultant in Irelandand specialises in offering real estate advice. He provides tips and suggestions for finding the right commercial properties with the help of letting agents. If you were looking for estate agents, he suggests you to visit http://www.lisney.com/ for more details.



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