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Determining Your Requirements before Ordering T Shirt Printing

Whether you need custom t shirts for your friend’s stag party or sweatshirts for the staff members of your restaurant, make sure you choose the right service for the task. Before you order customised t shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts from a service specialising in t shirt printing in Dublin, it is necessary to determine your requirements.

Determine the quantity. The first thing you need to decide is the number of t shirts or sweatshirts you need. Some printing services have restrictions on the minimum number of t shirts you may order. Moreover, the volume also affects the decision regarding the printing method that would be the most effective and the least expensive.

Determine the turnaround time. At times, you may need the t shirts within a particular timeframe. In such a circumstance, you need to find a service that can handle the task within a short time. However, enquire whether the faster service comes at additional charges, as well as the exact amount you have to pay for it, before you order it.

Determine the raw material. The look and feel of the t shirts has a considerable effect on whether they suit your purpose or not. Choosing the right raw materials is necessary for the right effect. Make sure you do not compromise on the quality of the materials, as this would affect the final product.

Determine the colours. While some printing methods are suitable for full colour printing, some are more suitable for a low colour count. Make sure you have an idea about the colours you want. Before you order, get in touch with the printing service and ask about the appropriate printing method for your specific order.

Determine the design. If you need the t shirts to display your business logo, you need to provide the artwork to the printing service. However, if you are ordering the t shirts for some personal reason, you may choose designs and graphics from the artwork available from the printing service.

Determine the budget. Before you start looking for a custom t shirt or hoodie printing service, make sure you fix a budget for it. Without a budget, you may end up spending more than you ought to. Different factors affect the cost, including the raw material, colours and designs, the printing method and the bulk.

Why is determining these points necessary before you start looking for a printing service? The reason is simple; you would need to specify these to the printing service when you order. Moreover, if you plan to compare costs associated with different services, it is necessary to make sure you provide the same specifications to them for accurate results.

Where do you look for such printing services? You may ask your contacts to recommend such a service. If this does not work, use online resources to find the right service. Online resources also make it easier to find a number of suitable services, get price quotes from them and compare these to locate the best deal.

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Daniel Smith works in a t shirt customisation business in Ireland. He provides tips and suggestions for individuals and businesses looking for designing and printing personalised hoodies, t shirts and sweatshirts. If you are looking for t shirt printers in Dublin, he recommends you visit http://www.tshirtcompany.ie/.


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