Develop a Positive Attitude Towards Working

Nobody would argue the importance of being employed. It is a part of life that enables adults to provide for themselves and their family. While this is the case, most people view going to work as a “necessary evil.” People wake up early on weekdays and grudgingly get ready for work with the thought that they have no choice but to toil in the office for at least 8 hours – 8 looooong hours!!!

The office has become the cage of the corporate world. With this, premature wrinkles, white hair, increased blood pressure and depression among many others are attributed to the hours spent in the office. After all, such a negative attitude towards the office tends to elevate the tension and stress level at work.

Imagine if it were the other way around. To wake up with a big smile, looking forward to a happy day at work and seeing the office as a place of opportunity. Having this mindset is a dream, as it seems, but one that is attainable when one embraces the idea of developing a positive attitude towards the workplace! Cultivating this attitude is imperative in a person’s life as the outcome is a happier and healthier life. Unfortunately a change in attitude does not happen over night, a person has to be determined to make the office a happier place and work towards this goal. One can start small.

The simple act of bringing little treats to be enjoyed in the office can make a big difference in the day. Bringing fun snacks to pass around improves the atmosphere a great deal as this provides a ground for bonding with officemates and to momentarily forget stress and re-energize for the remaining office hours. Having good buddies in the office makes a huge difference in a person’s life.

The biggest hindrance to office fun is stress. As this is a constant and inevitable part of work, one must work extra hard to make sure that occasions of stress can be avoided. An internal stress-alarm is needed so that the person can act accordingly once he/she feels that pressure at work is building up. A great way to shake of stress is to completely stop work momentarily and rationally set a timetable for the tasks ahead. Having a clear mind would help a person work more efficiently. When momentarily stopping is not enough to decrease the tension, walking it off is another option. Stop work, leave the desk and walk around the office block. A change in environment would do well to clear one’s head and enable the person to work more efficiently without the feeling of panic!

Another way to improve life in the office is making sure that lunch break is enjoyed. With all the work that piles up, many find themselves skipping lunch break or ordering food so that they can eat their lunch while working. It is important to note that lunch break is not designed merely for a person to eat lunch. The purpose of lunch break is to have a rest from work and enjoy a meal in order to regain energy for the remaining half of the day.

Working continuously for 8 hours is exhausting and definitely stressful. No matter how busy the day is, one should always make a conscious effort to get out with buddies and enjoy at least an hour of relaxation before starting the next half of the day. Listening to music is another great way to ease a day at work. Working while singing to a tune may even prove to make the day a lot more fun!

Little effort to have fun in the office makes a big difference. Developing this attitude will affect not only one person but all those around him who unconsciously enjoy the difference.


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