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Dialed Notebook Wallet

There can be an overwhelming number of Kickstarter projects sometimes, and quite often they start to blend together or lose some of their unique flavor.  When I stumbled across these Dialed Notebook Wallets it was like a breath of fresh air.

UPDATE: Now that we have our Dialed Notebook Wallets in our hands, here is our review.

The inside and outside of the Dialed Notebook Wallet looks like they use some really nice materials.  The outside is a mix of ballistic nylon and leather, while the insides are lined with micro suede.  You can tuck all kinds of things inside each of these besides just a wallet as you can see from the pictures above.  There are spots for credit cards, drivers licenses, keys, flash cards, business cards, and cash.

I usually hesitate to recommend something I haven’t reviewed and had in my hands personally, but I’m pretty much sold on the Dialed Notebook Wallet just from seeing the Kickstarter campaign page and I’ve already backed a large and small version of these.  Cant wait to get my hands on them, you should check the Kickstarter page yourself.

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