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Diamine Green Black Fountain Pen Ink Review


Diamine Green Black Bottle and Pens

I’ve noticed that I tend to stick mostly with Pelikan Edelstein and Noodler’s fountain pen inks lately, so I wanted to branch out and try a brand I have yet to use.  When I saw this Diamine Green Black fountain pen ink (via JetPens) I figured that was a good place to start because it is a color that is sometimes borderline work friendly although pushing the line slightly and it came in a mid-size 30ml bottle so it wasn’t too big of a commitment for my already overflowing ink drawer.


Diamine Green Black with Pens and Paper

Besides changing things up with ink brands and trying out the Diamine Green Black, I also finally got myself around to getting a 1.5mm stub nib (via Amazon) for my TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen.  It definitely gives a much better perspective on the color and properties of an ink when doing my writing samples, plus its just fun to write with.  The writing samples we did here were done with the TWSBI Diamond 580 1.5mm stub nib and the Pilot Vanishing Point with a Fine nib.  This gives two pretty extreme end of the spectrum views of how the ink responds to different size nibs.  To give you some perspective, my best guess is that the Pilot Vanishing Point Fine nib is probably just about the same as a .38mm gel pen in terms of the size of the line it lays down.

Diamine Green Black Writing Sample:


Diamine Green Black Close Up Writing Sample’

The Diamine Green Black writing sample above was done on the pages of a Black n’ Red notebook which usually gives consistently good experiences with most inks and it comes at a reasonable price as well.  Personally I found that in my writing samples this ink tends to shade a little more towards the black end of the spectrum rather than the green end of the spectrum and really didn’t provide much in terms of any shading.  My observations on the blacker tones aren’t necessarily a bad thing with this ink though, just a personal preference.  The ink has a somewhat dry feel when writing, but it definitely seemed to flow freely and didn’t skip at all with the stub nib or the much smaller fine nib in my Pilot Vanishing Point.


Diamine Green Black Feathering

One interesting observation with my writing samples came when I took an up close look at the Diamine Green Black in one section of the writing sample.  The few letters that you see zoomed in on for the image here show quite a bit of feathering on the page with this ink.  The odd thing though is that this is the only place in any of my writing with this ink where I saw this.  Maybe it was just a fluke or maybe there was a flaw in the paper here, who knows.  What I can say for certain though is that you are looking at the only feathering I ever saw with this ink.  I even went back and examined this and the Pilot Vanishing Point writing sample with a 20x magnification jewelers loupe and saw absolutely no feathering at all.


Diamine Green Black Writing Sample

Overall I would say that the Diamine Green Black is a pretty subdued color and would probably be just fine for business purposes, but nothing about it really jumps out at me and makes me notice that isn’t just a regular black or some other color dark ink.  Performance wise I have no complaints though, that random bit of feathering like I said was probably a fluke.  With a dry time of about 7 seconds on the Black n’ Red paper this probably wouldn’t be a great choice for any left handed fountain pen writers though.  You can check this out over at Jetpens where they provided this ink free of charge as part of our partnership with them.

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