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Diamine Magical Forest Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink


I’ve had this bottle of Diamine Magical Forest Green Shimmering ink for a while now, but didn’t have a fountain pen with a wide enough nib to properly show it off.  I finally unearthed an old Sheaffer 1.0 mm stub nib and was able to test it out with this great looking ink that I picked up here from JetPens as part of their advertising sponsorship with us.


I lament he fact that my photography skills aren’t good enough to REALLY capture the beauty of this ink, but hopefully this will at least give you an idea.  The above sample shows a mix of both writing with the Diamine Magic Forest ink and some swab and drippings with smears to show the features of the ink.  The swatch on the left here shows the ink with minimal sparkly effect, and the radio-active/Chernobyl looking spider on the right has a highly concentrated representation of sparkle in the center that fades away in some of the “legs” of it.diamine-magical-forest-green-writing-sample-1024x768-5320128

The text that I wrote with the Diamine Magical Forest didn’t show as much of the sparkle effect, even with the 1mm nib that I was using.  I think the dark color of the green ink prohibits the silver sparkles from really showing up in most lighting conditions.  You should also remember that you will want to make sure that the ink has been sufficiently shaken both before filling your pen and before writing with your pen to get the optimal sparkly effect.diamine-magical-forest-green-splatter-and-swirl-1024x603-6467694

This closer picture with the somewhat over done lighting shows a better contrast of the swatch that lacks sparkles vs. the splatter and Chernobyl spider that is somewhat over saturated with sparkles.  Needless to say, you can find a happy medium with the right mix of shaking and allowing to settle before you write with the Diamine Magical Forest Sparkle fountain pen ink.  This is a great ink for festive greeting cards such as Christmas, St. Patty’s Day, or birthdays, or you can just use it for every day writing too.  Check it out over at JetPens where they actually have a bunch of other colors of this series with the sparkle effect too.

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