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Different Benefits of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

  • By Stephen Lovell
  • Published 09/4/2012

Wheelchair lifts are devices used to assist disabled individuals. These chairs are used to provide a sense of independence to these individuals. There are different types of wheelchair lifts available in the market. Vertical wheelchair lift is popular among the consumers.

Vertical lifts are considered as mini elevator. It is known as platform lift to many users. This lift comes in different makes and models. Enclosed model is one of the vertical wheelchair lifts which you can install at your home. This one stays close to the wall and allows the wheelchair to remain on the platform. This lifts are for the outdoor use.

Shaftway model is fitted within the existing walls. It is similar to the typical elevators. This lift is used both in residential and commercial establishments. Stage model is a platform. For the shorter heights, this lift is used.

There are various benefits of vertical lifts. These lifts are affordable. Compared to the other types of lifts, this lift is a lot cheaper. The installation process of the lifts is also easier than other type of lifts. Some building owners consider this as the best option for accessibility. It does not require heavy maintenance.

The lift is easier to operate than its counterparts. The other lifts are more complex and thus difficult to use. The guideline provided along with the lift is easy to understand. Therefore, it can be handled by anyone.

The safety measure is another benefit of this lift. This is secure to use as it comes with various safety features from the manufacturers. It can function even when the power fails.

It has the ability to function even when the machine breaks down. The lift comes with the sensor which detects movements. There is an emergency stop switch which can be used in case of any problem.

The wheelchair lifts are used to provide the disabled people the option of movement without any trouble. The vertical lift is a great option which provides the ability to move along without any problem.

To ensure fast and free mobility, you can install this lift inside your home. The lift can be installed inside the home or outside it or even in commercial properties. You do not require large space to install this lift.

Portability is another feature which makes this lift so popular among the consumers. Portable lifts provide easy storability. You can fit it through the doorway, if you want to. Because the lift is lightweight, it is portable. This can be used anywhere. Due to this feature, this lift improves the mobility of the disable person.

Every device requires repair and maintenance. The consumers have the option of choosing between hydraulic power, electric power or battery power system for the wheelchair lift.

The hydraulic mechanism enables it to function even when the power failure happens.  Repairing this lift is easier because the device is not complex and does not need much effort and money for the repairing.  

A vertical lift is designed to make the movement around the residential or commercial building easier. With this lift, you will require less help in movement. These lifts hardly have any problem going up and down the building.


There are several benefits of vertical lifts and you can install this type of lift for the purpose of easy movement.


Stephen specialises in building access and related legislation. He writes industry related articles to help more people understand legislation, options, and how they will be affected. Here he provides suggestions about the benefits of vertical lifts.


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