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Different forms of animation

Animation has left an unquestionable mark on the entertainment industry. Basic animation is a single keyframe and an easy animation. The internet users are very fond of browsing any websites which are well animated with good graphics. Animation is the illusion of various movements, all linked together to get an effect of a coordinated set of actions. Even architects find their work simplified and accurate with animation especially with the three dimensional animation.Animation help the architect or any person dealing with creativity prevent mistakes and achieve brilliance and accuracy in their work. There are different types of animation which are created using the Java language.

Types of animation:

Cel animation:  it refers to the traditional method of animation. It is a set of hand drawing. In this method, several pictures which are different yet progressive in nature are created in order to depict certain actions. These drawings are traced on a transparent sheet which is known as cel. This sheet is a medium for drawing frames. This is an effective technique as it saves time by combining backgrounds and characters.Cel animation can be made more appealing by blending the drawings with sound effects, music as well as association of timing for each and every effect.

Types of animation:

Stop animation:  this type of animation is a process of making objects move on their own. Here images are  drawn with several positions and photo’d separately.

2D animation:  PowerPoint and flash animations are used in 2D animation. It has become very popular because of the use of simple application of a scanned drawing into the computer.

3D animation: it is basically used in film  where the unusual  characters or any objects are not easy to display. Different mathematical code, colours shapes, display of action is used which looks amazing, as if copied from a real picture. Various 3D design services are gaining in popularity with the passage of time.

CGI animation: it is used to produce high quality realistic images and visual effects. CGI animation has revolutionized the way you view animated imageries today. With the accessibility of CGI software tools it had enabled the artists to create content without the use of any expensive props, characters and set pieces.

Interactive animation:  the art of facilitating interaction between the users and the animators is the function of interactive animation.This type of animation encourages the users to truly interact with the animators and get engrossed with the situations.

Motion tween:  this refers to any object that travels from one place to another without changing any shape over time. Although sometimes, motion tween also means changing colours at times.

Shape tween:  this is basically the movement of an object from one point to the other along with the change of shape over time. This could also be a motionless object changing shape with the time.

Frame by frame animation: it is one of the traditional technique of animation. Here animation is achieved by moving the playhead through the frames which contain different content.

Animation is becoming more and more accessible  to the public in different forms and is considered as one of the latest technologyin the field of art.

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