Different Hair Color Ideas


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Hair Care 
Published on 12-22-2008

Hair color is the great way to embellish your everyday dull hair. What really matters is finding the right color for you; that would suit your skin tone, your hair style, and your age as well. It’s important that you should consider what color is appropriate for your age so it looks good. There are plenty of hair colors out in the market to choose from; such as funky hair color- purple-hair dye, blue hair dye, green hair dye or white hair dye. Sometimes people tend to copy hairstyles and hair colors to somebody are famous, like celebrities or fashion icons. You should really think of copying someone else’s hair if it’s best or look good on you as it might just not right for you. But if you’re coloring your hair for the first time, seek professional help at the salon.

Internet is one of the best ways to start. Internet is the friendliest and always available source of information. There are sites who offer a wide range of hair color ideas for each type of person. You can also find hair color ideas in magazines which feature celebrities and the latest hair color trends. Hair color ideas also can come from our favorite celebrities or fashion icons. They can carry unique looks that stand out in a crowd. Celebrities do change their look often this is to suit whatever job they are working on or just to spice up their look. Because we all know as a celebrity you should always be fashionable, glamorous and stunning. You can also find hair color ideas in a magazine. Parlors also provide hair color swatches or hair color gallery which you can place next to your skin and choose what best suits you. You can also spot some hair color ideas in some hip-hop videos. You can also buy hair color demo software which can help you not only in hair coloring ideas but on how to color your own hair without going to a parlor as well.

Hair highlighting is one of the most common trends now; it is a result of coloring just a certain part of the hair. Highlights are usually light colors that are used in contrast to darker colors. The darker colors can be your natural hair color or main/base coloring. But there are some people also do the exact opposite, using the darker coloring as the highlight and the light coloring as the base or the main color. Natural or close to natural is another hair color idea, which works well for both men and women. This is actually a safe option. You can never go wrong with natural as it is going around for some time. You can choose a natural hair color but slightly richer if you already have a warm natural color. It is a great way to use that as a base and make minor changes to it.

Remember, don’t overdo your hair color, and always put in the perspective colors that would really suit your personality.


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