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Different Housing Options Available for the Elderly Individuals

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 05/18/2012

Different types of housing options are available for seniors, ranging from staying at home to a specialised nursing facility. The names of the housing facilities may differ from one place to another. The difference between these housing options is the amount of care an elderly individual gets for the daily activities regarding personal and health care available at each.

If you are responsible for ensuring appropriate and adequate care for the elderly relative, you need to determine which housing facility would be right for them. Before you consider any type of housing, you need to understand what distinguishes one from the other.

Living at Home: The majority of elderly individuals prefer staying at home instead of moving into a special facility. The reason is simple – they feel more comfortable at home. They want to stay close to the neighbours they have known for years, to navigate the streets they have always used, and to remain with memories associated with their home.

Staying at home may be a good choice for elderly individuals if their home can be modified to make it safer and more secure. You may appoint home help services for elderly individuals to ensure that adequate personal, health and household care is available for them. Make sure the neighbourhood is safe before you choose this option.

Independent Living: This housing type comprises of facilities specifically designed for the elderly individuals wishing to live on their own. These facilities may be apartment complexes, condominiums or detached houses. The living facility may have recreational centres for the older adults.

If an elderly individual is capable of handling the personal tasks like washing, dressing or eating, this may be a good housing choice for him/her. These places are best suited for individuals who do not need assistance with daily living and prefer staying with people belonging to their age group.

Assisted Living: Some elderly individuals like the idea of living on their own but are not able to handle all tasks associated with personal or health care. The assisted living facilities are ideal for such individuals. These may be independent apartment style housing or separate rooms for individuals.

Elderly individuals who do not require round the clock care and supervision but need some assistance with daily activities may opt for this housing option. However, if the elderly member of your family insists on living at home instead of at such a facility, you may consider getting a caregiver from an agency specialising in home care Dublin.

Living at Nursing Home: At times, an elderly individual requires personal and medical care and supervision day and night. Such care would only be available at a nursing home facility. The medical practitioners, skilled nurses, therapists and other care professionals are capable of offering such care for the elderly individuals.

A nursing home may be the right living facility for an elderly individual recuperating from an illness. If the elderly member of your family has a progressive illness, like Alzheimer, and the condition makes it necessary to supervise them at all times, placing them at a nursing home specialising in this field may also be the right thing to do.

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