Different Ideas for Science Projects

Ideas for science projects are many and varied and depend upon your child’s age and skill level. Some fun ideas for science projects include building a volcano, making a solar system mobile, saturating water, building a motor, building a clock, building a radio, building a battery from a piece of fruit, building a lamp, baking a lava cake, making a poster of the periodic table, making a poster of the Animal Kingdom tree, making a poster of a food chain, and making a diorama of an animal habitat. Explanations of these ideas for science projects follow.

One of the simplest ideas is testing the solubility of various items in water. Take water and several powders, including salt, sugar, and something that won’t dissolve in water, like iron filings. Put five separate cups out with the same amount of water in each, and slowly add measured amounts of each of the solids to the water. When the solids stop dissolving and you can see them floating around in the water, it’s reached its saturation point. Write down how much of each it took to saturate the water.

Two more simple ideas for science projects are making posters of the period table, Animal Kingdom tree (this shows genus and species), or the food chain. These are very simple ideas so if you want this type of project to stand out, jazz it up a little bit by, say, including samples of some of the elements on the periodic table, or using animal stickers for the Animal Kingdom or food chain posters. These ideas for science projects do not require original research so you need to make up for it in creativity of presentation.

Ideas for science projects with a medium commitment level are solar system mobiles and animal habitat dioramas. On the solar system mobile, creativity in presentation counts again, because you’re copying information that’s already there. An animal habitat diorama can be more creative, though. Investigate the habitat of an animal, including geographic location, plants, other animals, and climate, and then recreate that atmosphere in a shoebox.

Building things such as motors, clocks, radios, fruit-powered batteries, and lamps are more involved ideas for science projects that are appropriate for older children. Instructions for building these can be found online.

Making a volcano is a lot easier than it sounds. You construct a volcano with a partially hollow core out of clay, plaster, or modeling compound, and when you’re ready for it to explode, you mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in the core. This will not cause an actual explosion, but when the two ingredients combine, they sizzle and foam, simulating one.

Finally, if your teacher is open-minded and will accept baking as a science project, lava cake is another of the best ideas for science projects. It’s a chocolate bundt cake with a fudge center, and to get it to cook properly you have to follow the directions exactly, because it truly is a chemistry experiment.


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