Different Kinds of Natural Antibiotics


Authored by Carol Snider in Medicine
Published on 12-20-2008

Antibiotics are certain type of medicinal drugs that are considered powerful and effective when it comes to treating bacteria and infections. These are the drugs that are often prescribed by doctors when it comes to curing diseases. According to studies, antibiotics when taken in a correct dosage can definitely kill bacteria but did you know that these drugs can sometimes cause harm at the same time.

The truth is that antibiotics not only kill bacteria found in your system but they can destroy good bacteria at the same time. Good bacteria are the one responsible for proper digestion and protection from certain kinds of diseases. Based on the recent study involving good bacteria found in the intestines was destroyed by these antibiotics and a result some serious health issues have emerged.

Sometimes antibiotics are often misused and they are often over prescribed in some common diseases like colds, flu and others. As a result the body then to become resistant to some antibiotics that may lead to serious diseases in the future. There could be a build up of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant and thus as a result will make your prone to infection.

One way to protect your body is to strengthen the immune system. This system is a defense against diseases and virus. There are people who have a strong immune system and they don’t need antibiotics to cure their infections.

Aside from strengthening your immune system, there is what you call natural antibiotics. These natural antibiotics are also very good when you have an allergy from antibiotics. It is an alternative way not to remove good bacteria from you body.

Natural Antibiotics

  • Garlic is considered one of the most effective kinds of natural antibiotics. What it does is that it blocks toxins that produce germs. According to studies, garlic is much stronger than many prescription drugs sold in the market. There are garlic capsules that are available that you can take.
  • Herbs can be considered as an effective kind of antibiotic. The alcohol extracted from it can clearly fight bacteria. Opting for capsules is recommended due to the fact that these extracts can have bitter taste. Some herbs that can do you good are sage, thyme, parsley and oregano. If you don’t want to take in a capsule then try adding it in your food. Throat infections are often cured with the use of this herb. Just put the herbs in hot water then gargle it before you sleep.
  • Echninacea is becoming a popular medicine that can help fight bacteria and viruses. It came from the native Americans who uses this back in the olden times. It was considered as healing herbs. Echinacea can stimulate the production of cells in the immune system. Just like garlic, it cannot be compared to prescription drugs. This supplement is not advisable for children.
  • Goldenseal is another type of immune stimulant. It has a berberine that can fight bacteria such as cholera. It is recommended that you should take 2 cups a day to become effective.

There are other kinds of natural antibiotics out there. Remember that your body has a potential to cure you. All you have to do is eat the right food so that you will have a strong immune system.


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