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Different occasions, different jewelries

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 03/29/2011
  • Poetry

Jewelry  should always cohere with the identity, temperament, occasion and  clothing. Well-crafted gold or platinum jewelry should be worn when you  are in business wear. Diamond jewelry can be worn when you are in  evening dress. Personalized jewelry should be taken into consideration  when you are in casual clothes. Jewelry should not only match well with  temperament, but also with the figure. What one should always keep in  mind is that wearing jewelry is to make one appear more dignified and  more beautiful. No  matter in formal or casual occasions, refined and elegant trinkets are  usually my choices. When I am at work, I would wear earrings which are  without droppings, and small brooches which make me appear more mature.  As to bags and shoes, I usually pay more attention to their functions.  For example, the size of the bag should be able to install a folder,  which will make people understand that I am a professional office clerk. Bracelet  can make arms and fingers of women more slender. In daily life, I tend  to spend much time on choosing which bracelets to wear. But it is a  dispensable decoration for the office females to some extent, so I would  not wear bracelet at work. Hand  bags are essential accessories for women. It is not only decorative,  but also practical in a variety of occasions. Light and convenient  shoulder bag is loved by many women, and I am undoubtedly one of them.  But I like using briefcase when I am at work, which fully reflects  women’s career, identity, social status and aesthetic taste. A  pair of beautiful silk stockings can demonstrate the beauty and mystery  of women to the fullest, which are necessary for women when they are in  dresses. One should always pay attention to the color of silk  stockings. Professional women can only wear flesh-colored silk stockings  in business occasions. In leisure time, the color of silk stockings The author eagerly advise you to try the best wholesale Nina Ricci fashion watches sold by good retailer.



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